Maximize Your Online Income

7 Fast and Easy Ways to Instantly Maximize Your Online Income

Maximize Your Online Income

Quick & Easy Ways To Maximize Your Online Income

First of all, let me begin by saying that this report was written
based on proven strategies to maximize your online
income. Every strategy is based on generating quick results,
and many of these techniques have the potential to maximize
your income instantly – with very little effort involved.

As you know, your level of experience in any market, or with
any task plays a major role in your ability to make more money.

If you've been involved in email marketing for a few years –
versus someone who is just starting out – chances are, you've
learned a thing or two along the way about making more
money from your list and it's likely that you'll do much better
than someone who is brand new to the email marketing arena.

Perhaps you've discovered a way to increase opt-in rates so
that you're able to build a list faster than ever before, or if
you've gained experience setting up affiliate campaigns and
you've figured out a way to increase response rates so that
more people are buying products through your link.

This report features the cumulative experiences of many years
testing and tweaking campaigns that cover everything from
email marketing, list building, affiliate marketing, social
marketing and traffic. It's pure gold because it will not only
save you precious time, but we'll show you exactly how to
maximize your time so that every minute spent on your online
business is time that will directly impact your ability to make
more money, over the haul.

If you are a marketing or business newcomer, chances are, you
may find yourself making countless mistakes before finally
getting it right. Those kinds of “newbie bloopers” can cost you
an incredible amount of time, money, and resources and so
we've written this report in order to help you through the
hurdles, eliminate the obstacles, and get you back on track.

But thankfully, it really doesn't have to be so difficult and you
really don't have to play the game of “trial & error” in order to
finally, see the results. You simply have to draw from the
experiences and lessons learned by people who have been
doing this for many years successfully, and exploiting that
information to your advantage.

From boosting email opt-in rates so you're able to build a
the massive list of targeted buyers, to maximize your affiliate
commissions with powerful (yet simple) strategies that are very
easy to follow, we'll explore some of the fastest and easiest
ways of doubling (even tripling) your online income with very
little effort.

So without further delay, let's get started!

Maximize Your Online Income - 7 Fast and Easy Ways

Boost Signup Rates

If you've been struggling to get subscribers to join your mailing
list, it's time to take a closer look at your squeeze page.

What is the first thing that people see when they visit your
squeeze page? Are they given a good reason to join your list?
Are you targeting the right audience with your squeeze page
offer or overall marketing message?

More often than not, your squeeze page offer will make or
break your ability to funnel subscribers into your mailing list.
Slapping up a good-looking squeeze page with an opt-in box
just isn't enough. You need to give your visitor's a reason as to
why they should hand over their name and email address.

It's likely that you've heard of the power of a valuable incentive
offer, but in case you haven't, an incentive offer is simply an
exchange of information. Your visitor subscribes to your list,
giving you their contact information, and in return, you provide
them with some sort of free offer. This could be a free
download, newsletter, tips, discounts, or anything else that
appeals to your market segment.

The problem is that many people overlook the importance of a
high-quality, unique incentive offer. Keep in mind that a
powerful incentive will not only boost sign-up rates, but it will
help you set yourself apart from all of the other email
marketers in your niche. So, how can you instantly increase
your squeeze page signup rate?

Offer over $97 in valuable – original content, and add the “retail
price” to your squeeze page!

Why $97?

Because many people who are focusing on building a list aren't
willing to go the extra mile in delivering real value when it
comes to their incentive offer. In fact, most people look at
incentive offers as “throwaway” products – which they believe
they'd otherwise never be able to sell. So, they give it away.

The problem with this is that if you don't really believe your
own incentive is valuable, your visitors are likely to feel the
same way. Giving away an outdated product? Offering a stale
ebook that's based on private label content? If you don't pay
attention to the quality of your incentive offer, not only will your
signup rates suffer, but your overall reputation in your market
will as well.

Do you really want your subscriber's first impression of you to
be based on some cheap, watered down, low-quality product
that you're offering on your squeeze page?

When it comes to email marketing, your creditability – your
brand – your image, and how well you're trusted, begins with
that first communication.

Your offer, your marketing messages, and your broadcasts will
either form a strong connection between your company and
your subscribers, or it will drive people away. Don't make the
common mistake of overlooking the power of your incentive
offer. It represents the doorway for visitors to become part of
your online community, and you need to do it right.

If you turn things around and offer something you could easily
sell for $97.00, you'll be blown away at just how quickly you'll be
able to build your list with very little effort involved. And
remember, a higher opt-in rate means that you'll need far less
traffic in order to build a monster-sized email list!

Tip: Purchase rights to a high-quality product that is not
normally given away in your market and offer on your
squeeze page.

While this can be based on private label rights content, make
sure that you tweak the material and repackage it with a fresh
face (new cover – new table of contents and extra value) before
delivering it to your list. You could also create an extensive
compilation of training material derived from quality private
label sources such as multiple reports in one package, all
focusing on your main topic.

Remember, your incentive offer needs to be of tremendous
value, but also needs to be strictly targeted towards your
market. If you are planning on running an email list that offers
information and products on social marketing – your incentive
offer should be based around social marketing.

If you need to target different segments of a market, consider
creating an email list for each specific group. Each email list
should have a theme, making it easy to deliver the kind of
information that your subscribers are expecting.

You can use this free list building system>

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Maximize Your Online Income - 7 Fast and Easy Ways

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Boost Open Rates

Once you've begun to build an email list, the next step is to
start communicating with your subscribers. Even if you only
have a small group of subscribers, you need to open the
channel of communication early on, connecting to each
person as if you are speaking to them directly. Don't wait for
your list to build up before you make contact, otherwise you
run the risk of subscribers forgetting who you are, or why they
joined your list.

But regular communication is only the first step in doubling
your income through email marketing. In order to make more
money, you need to maximize your email open rates – so that
more people see (and respond) to your offer!

One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating motivational
subject lines for every email or broadcast you send out. While
you want to avoid the spam filters, you need each email
subject line to provoke curiosity, engage your audience and
to motivate them to click on your email and read your

Don't be afraid to experiment with different subject lines,
because every subscriber base will respond differently to
certain ‘triggers'. You can be as controversial or as conservative
as you are comfortable with, as long as you are exploiting the
power of curiosity because it's a very strong motivator! Keep
your email subject lines short, and descriptive, and provide the
reader with a reason to open your email.

Note: Avoid the “Re: Subject Line” approach because while you
want to use curiosity-driven subject lines, you never want to
outright mislead your subscribers.

The “Re” subject line tactic is designed to make your
subscribers believe that your email is a personal response to a
previous conversation, and while it can be effective at boosting
open rates, it can also be a major cause for people to
unsubscribe from your list.

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If they feel tricked, conned, or lied to, they will stop opening
your emails, so focus on engaging your audience and
connecting with your target market with fun and entertaining
strategies, rather than with questionable, unprofessional

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Increase List Size

The money is the list

We've covered a few ways of boosting open rates and signup
rates, but in order for either of these strategies to work, you
need people who actually see your offer! This is where
increasing list size comes into play because it's all about driving
high quality – targeted traffic to your squeeze pages so that
you can flood your mailing list with new, active subscribers!

What is an easy way to instantly funnel quality traffic to your
squeeze page?

Ad swaps!

Ad swaps have been responsible for fuelling countless new
email lists with thousands of quality leads, because not only is
it is an affordable method of securing subscribers, but it's one of
the easiest ways to jam your list with red-hot, hungry buyers!

You see, ad swaps make it very easy to directly target your
market because rather than funnel traffic to your squeeze
page from a dozen different sources, you're able to tap into
existing email lists were the work of establishing
communication and conditioning buyers have already been
done by the list owner!

The objective of ad swaps is an exchange of resources.

The key to a successful ad swap is in finding marketers who are
at the same level in marketing as you are, because you'll want
to make sure that you can deliver an equal number of views
and subscribers, as they are going to give to you.

While ad swaps can be a basic advertisement exchange, where
someone agrees to send out an ad for your product and you do
the same in return, the most effective ad swaps focus on
exchanging FREE and VALUABLE information and resources.

For example, if you are involved in the work at the home market;
there is an abundance of ad swap opportunities available to
you. Think about the countless start-up work at home sites
catering to single parents, or the work at home mom

Many of these websites are just starting to generate traffic, and
are building a very loyal subscriber base of repeat visitors and

If you were to contact one of these publishers and offer them
the opportunity to provide a valuable free resource to their
subscribers, chances are, they'll be responsive.

They get to provide a free, valuable resource to their
subscribers (which makes them look good and builds positive
awareness within their market), and in exchange, you get free

It doesn't matter what market you are involved in, there's
bound to be ad swap opportunities available to you.
Of course, you will want to build a decent size list yourself,
before you approach potential partners so that you are able to
deliver a service in return.

Even if you have a smaller list of only 200-300, if you have a
high open rate and your subscribers are responsive, you have a
viable asset to offer a potential ad swap partner.

When you're ready to find potential ad swap partners, begin by
searching your market for start-up websites since these are
often the easiest to approach.

And keep in mind that even if you contact someone with a list
that's much bigger than your own, autoresponder accounts
allow for easy segmenting, so the list owner could choose to
email only a certain number of subscribers, based on what you
are able to deliver in return.

Forums, social communities, and groups are all great ways of
quickly locating potential ad swap partners in your market, so
take time to do your research and compile a listing of 20-30
potential partners.

Be honest with your numbers! Tell them how many
subscribers you have, what your open rate and response rate is
as well as what your newsletter focus is. You want to make sure
that your offer matches what your partner is offering.

When emailing potential ad swap partners, focus on THEM.

How they benefit, and what you can do for them. You want to make
each email as personal and customized as possible, including
how you are a subscriber of their email list (and make sure you
are), and remember, you aren't just looking to secure a
marketing partnership, but a relationship with a key player in
your market.

That relationship can go well beyond a one-time broadcast!

How to get more subscribers

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Boost Commission Earnings

If you're involved in affiliate marketing, we're going to show
you have a fast and easy way to instantly maximize your
commission-based income.

You know how other affiliates are simply directly potential
customer's through their links straight to the merchant's
website? Well, not only are they decreasing their commissions
because they're failing to give customer's a reason WHY they
should purchase the product, but they are losing out on a very
powerful opportunity to build their own businesses and further
their own brand, while making money promoting the third party

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You see, those who work hard to become trustworthy,
recognized affiliate marketer's always made more money than
those who simply direct people through their affiliate links. It
might sound like a lot more work to work on building
awareness within your market as a trusted source, but by
By doing so you'll be able to maximize your income while setting
yourself up for long-term success.

Here's one of the easiest ways to warm up potential buyers and
create an irresistible offer that they can't refuse: Give them
more bang for their buck!

Bonus offers need to tie in directly with what's being offered
and offer CLEAR and DIRECT value. In fact, your bonus offer
should always include a “value price” associated with it, so that
potential customers know exactly what the bonus is worth, and
how much money they are able to save by purchasing through
your affiliate link.
Your bonus offer needs to be either exclusive, limited, or both.
In many cases, your bonus offer will be THE leading factor in
whether a potential customer chooses to purchase the product
through your affiliate link or someone else‟s, so you need to
spend some time creating a compelling offer that is not only
valuable, but irresistible! With exclusive bonus offers, no
other affiliates can replicate your offer because you own full
rights to what is being offered.

This may include unique reports, content, or video tutorials that
you either created yourself or hired freelancers.

With limited bonuses, you are offering access to your offer only
for a limited time, or to a limited number of customers. This
employs the „scarcity‟ tactic, which motivates people into
taking quick action because they don‟t want to miss out on a
great deal. It‟s very important to use ‘motivators’ with every
bonus offer.

If people feel that there‟s no rush or no exclusivity to the
bonus, chances are they‟ll continue looking around for a better
or a bigger bonus, offered by another affiliate, so take your time
when creating your bonus and make certain that it‟s relevant,
and extends the value of their main purchase.

For example, your bonus offers should serve as auxiliary
components to the main product. If you were promoting, you could offer bonus items that
included WordPress themes, WordPress video tutorials, or
maybe content packs that new bloggers could use to
jumpstart their websites.

Analyze the product you are promoting and determine what is
missing or lacking in the main product. Then, create your
bonus product around that unfilled need or demand.

When creating your bonus product, you don't have to develop
it yourself. You can minimize costs by using high-quality private
label content, or other types of content that allows for
distribution. You can then create compilations from existing
material, or develop extensive bundles, collections, and
packages that fit with the product you are promoting.

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Boost Conversion Rates

So, you might not be the best copywriter on the planet. That
doesn't mean that you can't maximize conversion rates with
just a couple of simple ‘tweaks' to your sales pages. In fact, many
of us absolutely struggle with creating copy, but if you're
unable to outsource the work to experienced copywriters,
you're stuck wading through paragraphs of copy, trying to
drive up response rates.

The truth is, there is a very simple guideline to creating great
copy, and while it's important to test your copy (split testing is
key), you can easily create a high converting page just by
following these tips:

1 – Speak TO your audience, not to them.
Your copy needs to hit home, as if you are talking personally,
and directly to each visitor. Avoid the hype – gimmick-based
phrases never work at driving home your message. You want
your copy to be authentic to who you are, and what you have
to offer.

Be honest, and keep your copy focused on how your audience
benefits from what you are offering. Great copy is all about
pushing hot buttons and crafting your sales copy so that it
speaks to their wants and needs.

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2 – Know your audience
This goes without saying. If you know your audience, you know
what makes them tick. Since your copy needs to cover the
most important needs, wants, and desires, it's important that
you write your copy from your customer's perspective. Focus
on benefits, not features. Tell them why they need your
product and write your copy in such a way that your audience
feels as though you created your product just for them.

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3 – Break it up
Avoid run-on paragraphs and sentences. You need to keep
copyright, and on topic. Paragraphs should never run more
then four lines, and do your best to break it up so that you are
offering 1-3 short paragraphs before injecting bullet points, a
subtitle, an image, graph, or anything else that keeps them
glued to the page.

Long pages of text can be overwhelming to a visitor who wants
a quick snapshot of what you are offering, and whether it's
what they are looking for or not, so keep page skimmers in
mind and create your copy (even long copy) around those who
read – scroll – read. Not only will your copy be stronger but it
will be far easier to write.

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4 – Implement multiple call to action prompts
Many new copywriters make the mistake of only including one
order button at the bottom of the sales page, assuming that
people will either read the entire page or they'll simply scroll to
the bottom.

You should always implement multiple call to action prompts
throughout your copy, weaving urgency within the different
sections of your copy. This is also a great way to try out
different call to action commands, such as “Order Now”, or
“Buy Now” or “Click Here For Instant Access”, and so on.

Regardless of how well your copy converts, you always want to
split test it against other variations. While this takes a bit of
time and effort, it's the easiest way to see what is working, and
what needs to be improved.

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Maximize Your Online Income - 7 Fast and Easy Ways

Seek Out Networking Opportunities

There‟s no easier way to solidify your place in your market than
by networking with experienced and established business
owners who already have an audience, and who have already
worked hard to build their online business.

Networking with established business owners allows you to
piggyback off of their success and can save you an incredible
amount of time in building brand awareness.

In fact, you‟ll be able to “siphon” credibility just by the
connections you make within your market!

So, how do you seek out networking opportunities in your

Become an active member of “live” sites and community
boards where people in your niche congregate. Look for
established forums, social media sites, and authority blogs
where you can join in the conversation, engage your audience,
and get noticed!

Tip: Join for open networking
opportunities and joint venture partnerships available through
affiliate programs and upcoming launches.
One of the easiest ways to get noticed by key players in your
the market is to begin by promoting their offers as an affiliate! Not
only will this help you scout out potential networking
opportunities, but it will give you invaluable hands-on
experience in marketing that you can use towards promoting
your own products.

Join a free group here and meet other marketers HERE>


Build Passive Income Sites

An effective strategy that will maximize your online income
comes in the form of “passive income sites”, primarily sites that
generate recurring income from one customer base.

One of the more popular models for passive income sites is a
membership-based program. You build it once – generate
traffic to it, and in turn, you can maximize your online income
instantly, through recurring payments generated by every
member who joins your site!

Membership sites are very easy to create and manage, even if
you‟ve did it before. You simply need to build a
membership site in an evergreen market so that you‟re able to
consistently work towards building your members base while
ensuring that your offer stays relevant for many years to come.

Then, to simplify the process of building, managing and
maintaining your website, you can put membership software
to work for you!

With a powerful, robust membership-based software package,
you‟ll be able to create a feature-laden membership program
that is easy to update and depending on the software you
choose, you can further maximize your income by
implementing back-end offers, one time offers, and “upgrade
options” that give your members additional access or
enhanced options, should they choose them.

The best ways to build membership sites are Builderall or Groove.


By using all these tips you can maximize your online income significantly!


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Maximize Your Online Income - 7 Fast and Easy Ways

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