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Hi, I am Margus, founder of DigiFire Media.   

I was born in Estonia, a small Northern European country where well-known businesses such as  newskypelogo  &  TransferWise logo  also born.


Digifire Media is an international virtual team of over 70 freelance enthusiasts in various fields. We are happy to work with absolutely exceptional software solutions that help companies worldwide grow and make the lives of thousands or millions of people more comfortable.

Our virtual team consists of software developers, designers, writers, developers, marketers, educators, teachers, software testers, and many other professionals in their field.

Our vision is to teach ordinary people how to make money online, provide unbiased and comprehensive information and reviews on various digital products, software, online marketing and -business courses, affiliate marketing training, and various webinars that make people’s lives easier and help them earn more and achieve greater wealth and through it also better health and happiness.

We want to create equal opportunities for people through digital products, software, and online training, regardless of their location or origin.



For Your Success,

Margus from DigiFire Media


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