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Treat Affiliate Marketing Like A Hobby, It’s Gonna Pay Like A Hobby

With that said, affiliate marketing can get you very rich very fast when compared to traditional career paths.

My friend James started from absolutely nothing 3 years ago.

I don't know many other business models where you can make so much money so fast, the success you can have from this is massive

James had never done any marketing in his entire life.

And within 3 years, built a multiple 6 figures a year income that puts him in the top 10% of earners and closes to the top 5% of earners in the US.

How many people do you know that spend 5 or even ten years training to be a doctor, or a lawyer or something?

Just think about how many years you have to go to college and university to be able to earn that much per year?

And how much investment you have to put into college and university during those years!

Sure there is some investment to get started, but nowhere near as much as a degree would cost and he now earns more than most doctors.

He works much fewer hours too!

Check this out to discover exactly what James does to bring in that kind of income each month.

This is not some hit-and-miss formula that only works when there is an element of luck involved.

These are the actual strategies that I and many other successful affiliate marketers have used before you.



Maximize Your Visitor Value With This Simple Trick


I will reveal to you a ninja trick that will allow you to “ethically stalk” your visitors around the internet.

There are countless different traffic sources out there and they all work in different ways.

Regardless of where the traffic comes from, there are two simple tweaks you can use to maximize each visitor.

  1. Never send traffic direct to a sales page.

You are literally losing out on 90%+ of all the opportunities.

Send them to your own capture page.

That way you can capture emails and stay in contact with them!

  1. Pixel your pages! A pixel is a small little tracking code that allows you to show ads to that person, so if they land on your page, you can then show some Facebook ads to them later if they didn't convert. 

An email list is the number 1 thing that you should always be building and is your number 1 asset online period.

That’s why we insert an opt-in page first so we can capture the email and retarget it with the pixel.

This is just one of the many secrets to affiliate marketing done right.

If you want an A-Z blueprint check this out.

So many people try the short-term method and just send traffic directly to the affiliate offer and as you can see it usually doesn't work and is nowhere near profitable.

P.S Can you see how powerful this is! Example: If we send 100 people to a sales page, on average 1% will buy and we have 1 new customer.

BUT if we sent 100 people to a capture page, on average we get 40%+ to enter their email to find out more, one still buys and all 100 of them will be tracked with our pixel.

Cool huh!


You Chose… Poorly

If you are an Indiana Jones fan then you’ll no doubt recognize that iconic line.

Often in this fast-paced digital world, we make decisions without even thinking about them.

Unknowingly creating a BIG ripple effect for ourselves in the future.

The same is true when picking affiliate products.

You might be drawn in by a shiny promise or a sparkling new feature.

But glossy surfaces reflect much more than they reveal.

There are a few things you should be on the lookout for when you choose an affiliate product.

And this is the most important of all…

It MUST be recurring.

Meaning it must pay you more than once!

Why go through all the hard work of selling something when you are only going to get paid one time?

This is how the super affiliates can literally move to a desert island and still rake in 5-6 figures a month automatically.

Because they’ve promoted membership-based products that pay for a LIFETIME!

Now only certain programs pay forever.

A lot of them will only pay for the first 12 months or so, that is why you need to do your due diligence before picking a product to promote.

To discover some of the best products to promote and a whole lot more, check this out.

Are you starting to see how powerful this is and why it is the best business model in the world??

It's truly a liberating feeling and an amazing feeling to know that at any moment…

I can simply take a month off, do nothing, and still keep getting paid.

P.S How would you feel if you could just stop working whenever you felt like it and kept getting paid? What would you do more, how would you spend your newfound time?


Riches In The Niches

Will Your B2B Industry Niches Bring Your Firm Riches? - Business 2 Community

You may have heard that the riches are in the niches, but is it really true?

Affiliate marketing is a competitive industry because of how awesome it is, but it is far from saturated.

First off, you need to pick from one of the big 3 niches.

Everyone will fall into one of three categories,




They are the big 3 overarching niches, but inside of them are thousands of sub-niches.

For example, in the health niche – Weight loss, in relationships – dating, and in wealth – Affiliate marketing.

After you have chosen a sub-niche then you need to think about WHO can I promote to.

We dig down even deeper and go “affiliate marketing for moms” or “affiliate marketing for boxers” and so on and so forth.

This is where you can really attract specific people and where there is nowhere near as much competition.

The possibilities are endless.

And this is where you can really explode as an affiliate.

If you can find a need that is not being filled, then you are onto a winner!

Learn How To Pick An Affiliate Marketing Niche>

What niche are you going to choose?


Like A Squirrel On Crack

I am a big advocate of promoting multiple products, but only once you’ve started to see success with one.

For example, my mentor was earning $5,000 a month with ONE product, before he started promoting anything else.

If he had jumped from one thing to another, he would never have seen success.

So many would-be affiliate marketers jump from one product to another and another like a squirrel on crack.

Not only does this diminish your progress, but it tells the rest of the world you are just in it for the money.

To effectively promote a product, you need to believe in it.

And if you’re hopping around from one to another, it shows that you don’t.

This is just one of the many secrets to affiliate marketing done right.

Even as you do start to see success, you should never promote competing products, For example.

I would never promote Builderall and then the next week shout about Leadpages.

You need to believe in the product you are promoting and see the value that it gives to people.

Nowadays I have dozens of products that work hand in hand with each other, but it all started with one.

My mentor James is a top affiliate for multiple different companies.

He got there by being consistent and focusing on one thing until he saw results.

Click here to discover the proven way to do this and a whole lot more.


The Three Golden Rules Of Affiliate Marketing

Where have the three golden rules of accounting for the 3 different types of accounts been derived from? - Quora

When it comes to choosing a product to promote, there are 3 main things you should look out for.

As a rule, you want to promote a product that is

1. Recurring: So it keeps paying every month for the lifetime of the product.

The exception is higher ticket items. If you are getting paid $400 per sale then a one-time commission is pretty nice!

2 High LTV: This means high Life Time Value, so a product that people will need for years to come and will not cancel, like software or web hosting.

You want to promote something that people will need for the lifetime of their business.

3. Eternal and Consistent: You want to promote something that will be around in 5 years, something that is not going to go out of style or become irrelevant. 

You wouldn't want to spend years building up recurring income only to have it disappear later because the company closes or they aren't relevant anymore.

Stick to these 3 golden rules of affiliate marketing and you will be golden!

Want a proven strategy to succeed with affiliate marketing and the golden products to promote? Check this out.

A proven path can shortcut your learning curve by years.


This Is Crazy, Yet A Lot Of People Still Do It

Picture this:

You go out to a nice place.

You meet a cute girl (or guy) and hit it off.

You talk for a while and make a good connection.

Then you part ways without exchanging contact information and never talk to each other again.

Sounds crazy right?

Well, it is, but it’s exactly the same thing online when you don’t capture people’s emails!

We touched on this a little bit before, but it is so important.

Always, always, always build your list.

The Money is in The List – Brotherhoodzone

Every ad you run, every engagement post you make, every lead magnet you offer, everything you do, you should always be collecting contact points from people.

If you are not capturing the email, you could be missing out on a subscriber that spends tens of thousands of dollars!

You want to collect multiple contact points too.

Get them on your chatbot, get them in your Facebook group, but most importantly get the email, and here is why.

You own it. No one can take it away from you.

You may get shut down by an email provider, but you still have the list, as long as you are smart and have a backup.

With everything else, you can lose it. Facebook may decide to get rid of groups tomorrow, or your group may get flagged and shut down.

Same with your page and chatbot!

Any social community can get taken from you, but your email list is yours.

When you get a big list, you can literally print money.

I have an email list of over 10,000 right now and I can send an email and make a few thousand dollars.

Some of the big gurus can literally pull in half a million dollars in an hour when they email their list, it is insane.


Hello Human

Overcoming the 5 Most Common Objections and How to Convert Them into Bookings - Digital Travel Academy

In this online world, we can often get lost in the numbers and forget that we are dealing with a real human being on the other side of the monitor.

At least I hope you’re human, and not some alien infiltrator sent down from the planet Zog to spy on us!

In all seriousness, it can be easy to get lost in the data.

But if you focus on experience instead, you will see a big improvement.

Go through your funnels, go through your steps, go through everything.

Test and experiment yourself to see if it’s a good experience and that it makes sense.

If you’re too close to it, which let's face it we often are!

Ask someone you know to go through it for you and see what their feedback is.

If you can create a pleasant experience and genuinely try to help people, then that help will come back to you ten-fold.

As Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have anything you want if you just help enough people get what they want.”

Always build relationships with your audience because you never know how much value someone could bring to you down the road.


3.5 Billion Searches Per Day

Google now averages 60,000 search queries every second…

That’s over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You can spend hundreds per day on Google and not even get 0.0001% of Google's traffic.

There are other search engines out there too and YouTube is its own search engine.

There is no lack of opportunity and with the traffic on this one network alone, you can become very, very wealthy.

Paid methods work very well and are MUCH faster than organic, as soon as you are able you should be investing in paid ads.

I love the example my mentor gave to me…

“Most people who get a bump in pay go out and spend it on rubbish

That is not a good way to be.

Reinvest that money back into your business until you TRULY have enough to spend.

I am not saying treat yourself, but certainly don't spend your money on unnecessary upgrades when you can survive how you are

For example. I had an OLD Suzuki Swift, it had a top speed of 95, had no power steering, and was just terrible to drive.

It cost me £170 when I bought it, 

I was still driving that car and still owned it when I was making over $5,000 a month.

I lived in an old, cold house until I was earning well over $10,000 a month.

I could have easily gone and got a newer, warmer, more expensive place, but I could survive where I was.

It also left me wanting more…

I catapulted into the stratosphere because I started reinvesting my profits back into paid ads instead of buying unnecessary luxuries and now I can afford so much more.”James N-T

James Neville-Taylor, Rapid Profit Machine Review: Is It Legit?



Learn direct from James himself about how he went from zero to 6-figures in near-record time by clicking here.

The more you invest, the faster you can earn the big paychecks and before you know it, you can consistently invest $10,000 a month in ads and have money left over too!



Dangle that carrot!

Boss Dangling Carrot for a Employee | Great PowerPoint ClipArt for Presentations -

If you put food in front of a toddler, chances are they will have that food out of your hands without a second thought!

The same can’t be said about clothing or a toothbrush.

They’re still things they need, but they don’t know they need them yet.

It’s a very similar scenario in the online world with search vs interruption marketing.

Although there are hundreds of different ways to market things, they all fall under 1 of these 2 methods.

When someone is searching on Google or YouTube, they are looking for a solution to their problem…

And if your affiliate offer solves that solution then that is the easiest sale you can make.

Just like the toddler that knows they want some food, they will grab it from you without a second thought!

Interruption marketing however is much harder.

This is where we essentially intrude on someone’s downtime and show them something they may be interested in.

For example, they may be scrolling on Facebook when our ad pops up.

Most folks on Facebook are looking for entertainment of some sort.

They are not looking for an answer to a question or a solution to a problem.

This makes out job 100x harder because now we have to…

1. Grab their attention

2. Hold their attention

3. Invoke curiosity and want to learn more

4. Actually sell them something or get them to give us their info. 

Whereas with search marketing, you just have to target their query and show them a page.

Learn the best ways to do both search and interruption marketing plus a whole lot more by clicking here.

Which strategy do you want to start with?


Discover The Affiliate Marketing Secrets The 6 And 7 Figure Super Affiliates Have Kept Hidden

Last Call for 2020 Housing Deals - City Lakes Real Estate Blog


You will learn a ton if you pick up the full affiliate marketing course.

The content inside has literally been sold for thousands of dollars, but because you are my subscriber, I can give it to you for pennies.

Crazy right!

BUT I need you to promise to treat it like you paid $5000 for it because that is truly how valuable it is.

We don’t value what is just handed to us and don’t take action as much as we should.

So PLEASE watch the videos and take action on what you learn because that truly is key.

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