33 MORE Ways To Sell More eBooks

Discover 33 MORE Ways To Sell More eBooks

33 MORE Ways To Sell More eBooks

Seemed to really like the first list of 33 I did, so we're doing it again!

If you didn't catch the first one, then check these out here>


Here we go:

  1. Remove distractions from your sales page
  2. Offer a payment plan to make the priceless daunting.
  3. Tweak your landing page headline.
  4. Tweak your ad headline.
  5. Get an SEO expert to rank your site.
  6. Offer an upsell product on the checkout page.
  7. Offer an upsell product AFTER the checkout page.
  8. Offer an upsell product in the order confirmation/thank you email.
  9. Offer free products/ cash for a video testimonial.
  10. Reward customers for referring friends and family.
  11. Provide value AFTER the purchase and build lifelong fans.
  12. Hire affiliates.
  13. Put your eBooks on Clickbank.
  14. Put your product on JVZOO.
  15. Try out UGC ads (user-generated content).
  16. Try TikTok ads (works really well with the last one).
  17. Offer a physical version (or physical product)  with your ebook.
  18. Start a YouTube channel around your niche.
  19. Offer an audio version of your ebook.
  20. Start texting your customers (SMS marketing).
  21. Find what your competitors can't or won't offer and do that.
  22. Expand into a similar niche.
  23. Test different cover designs.
  24. Understand the wants, needs desires, and fears of your customers.
  25. Make a limited-time sale (with a ticking clock).
  26. Only allow x number of buyers per month/ year. (They want to be part of something exclusive)
  27. Do a magical money dance.
  28. Make your sales funnel longer.
  29. Give and never ask as much as possible.
  30. Sell your eBooks on the kindle store.
  31. Offer them their money back if they don't get the result they want.
  32. Offer to give THEM $50 if they don't get the result (be careful with this).
  33. Make some internet marketing friends and ask them for advice.


66 total ways for you to sell more eBooks.

I'm the only guy who gives you so much wholesome stuff. I'll pat myself on the back … {please wait}… done!


By Founder Of Sqribble


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