33 Ways To Sell More eBooks

Discover 33 Ways To Sell More eBooks

How To Sell More eBooks

This is an awesome list you can print out, turn into a PDF for reference, sell it or post on social media for clout if you wanna!

  1. Increase ad spend
  2. Lower price
  3. Increase price
  4. Expand to a different marketing platform
  5. Create a second ebook and bundle it with the first
  6. Create a cheat sheet and bundle it with the first
  7. Create some extra training videos and bundle them with first
  8. Tweak your offer
  9. Tweak your angle
  10. Tweak your audience
  11. Switch up your ad creatives
  12. Ask for more reviews/ testimonials (then use them in your marketing)
  13. Respond to customer service questions asap
  14. Create a second ebook and pitch it to those who bought the first
  15. Ask your customers what they want, then give it to them
  16. Improve the copy on your sales page
  17. A/B test your sales pages
  18. Have an expert check your ads
  19. Have an expert check your sales page
  20. Make a wish on a shooting star
  21. Give them something free first (reciprocity)
  22. Partner with similar businesses to offer free bonuses
  23. Send them valuable emails first
  24. Go through your funnel yourself and check for points of friction
  25. Get your mom to go through your funnel and check for points of friction (underrated tip)
  26. Ask people who didn't buy what their objections were
  27. Overdeliver every single time
  28. Make your ebooks look better
  29. Buy shout outs from pages with similar audiences
  30. Use a video sales letter
  31. Buy your competitor's ebooks, then improve yours to be better in every way
  32. Offer a sick guarantee if it doesn't work out for them
  33. Have fun! Burning out will help nothing.

I could go on and on. You already know that you get the best content on the planet from me.

… and chances are at least one of the 33 must help you out.

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