How To Actually Provide Value

Discover 4 Steps How To Actually Provide Value

The word “value” is thrown around a lot these days.

In fact, it's become a buzzword.

“Value is king”, “Make sure you provide value first!” Blah blah blah.


You might know what this means in theory.

But what does it mean in practice?

An excellent question.

I'd like to respond with this diagram made by the great Alex Hormozi. It describes the exact components that make value.

Here's the diagram:


If you were asleep during high school math class and don't know how an equation works, I'll explain. (hey, no judgment here)

The things on the top (dream outcome and perceived likelihood of achievement) you want to be as BIG as possible

The things on the bottom (time delay and effort + sacrifice) you want to be as SMALL as possible.

In the real world it looks like this:

The most valuable product would be one that:

  1. Gives them their dream outcome
  2. 100% likelihood of getting it
  3. Get it instantly.
  4. No effort or sacrifice is needed.

Now obviously, you can't provide all of that.

But the closer you can get, the more valuable it is.

Cool right?


Here's how you can use it to sell more ebooks:

1) Dream outcome.

This comes down to your market research. How well do you know the wants and needs of your customers?

Then it's time for testing. What do customers respond to the best? Now usually this would be hard as you'd have to create a new product every time you wanted to test something out.

But you don't have to. Try Sqribble to make a whole suite of potentially million-dollar products by the end of the week.

Keep swinging, eventually, you'll knock it out of the park.


2) Perceived likelihood of achievement

This is all social proof.

Drown your customers in testimonials and reviews.


They NEED to see that your product gets results for people just like them.


3) Time delay

Wahay! This is where ebooks come to shine!

Ebooks have the advantage of being instantly delivered to the customer.

Great, right?

Yes, but also no.


They actually want their dream outcome. And they want it NOW!

This is why you see so many “Ripped in 30 days” and “Make an income online in 90 days“.

So do the same. State exactly how long it will take to get the result.

It'll work wonders.


4) Effort and sacrifice 

You got to make it seem easy to get the dream outcome.

Nobody likes hard work.


One way to do this is with a claim like “Make $3000 a month working 1 hr a day” or “Get buff going to the gym just 3 hours a week”

Maybe your ebook can be studied purely in the comfort of your own home. Say that.

Take all the effort out of it for the customer.

That's how to actually provide value. Now you can make way more sales (and charge more too!)


By Founder Of Sqribble


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How To Actually Provide Value (4 STEPS)

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