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Have you ever tried to create an ebook and pulled your hair out?

Ever wondered how the gurus do it?


Here’s the typical process:

1. Go to your favorite freelance site

2. Post a job to get someone to write and design your ebook (takes an hour)

3. Wait 2-3 days for applications to come in

4. Go through applications, portfolios and feedback

5. Spend more time talking to potential candidates

6. Shortlist entries and then hire someone (1 week later)

6. Fund milestones and wait for first draft

7. Ask for changes because they missed something

8. Wait another 3 days for them to come back to you after the weekend

9. Get something “close” to what you expected but it’ll have to do (sigh)

10. Pay them anywhere from 300 to 600 bucks for it

These 10 steps are a pain in the butt, but a necessary evil.


HOWEVER… There’s now a NEW way!

Step 1: Download Sqribble


Step 2: Create an ebook within 60 seconds using our templates and content engine (you don’t even have to write anything)…

Step 3: Download and use right away!


That’s it…

Super simple!

This is the best and simplest ebook creator what ever you can find.


You’ll save time and massive fees on outsourcing costs.

Do it yourself in minutes using this new technology today…

You have to see it in action for yourself…

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The Ultimate eBook creator add on


If you have kids in your life…

I'd bet you've done this before.

You probably were hesitant at first…and I wouldn't blame you.

In fact…

You've probably done it many times…maybe even weekly.


What am I talking about?

I'm talking about scrolling through the Netflix menus so many times your fingers hurt.

I know…first world problems, right?

But seriously….

It's damn hard to find a good movie these days.

But the kids are stuck inside and you want to find something for them to watch.

And here's the problem…

Most of the “popular” movies would put you to sleep faster…

Then downing a bottle of cheap red wine and a NyQuil chaser.


Which is why when someone suggests we watch a Pixar movie, I'm all in.


Why's that?

  • It's not because I'm a big softy.
  • It's not because they can fill an entire movie with talking toy robots or mice that can cook.
  • And it's definitely NOT because they have “superhero” themed characters…

There's already enough of those junk movies.


It's because of the story.

Let's face it…

Most movies have a lame story that's poorly written with dreadful acting. 

But if Pixar movies have the chops to keep toddlers glued to the screen…


Then we should dive in and let's see what makes their stories stick.

This is important because if you can use these in your marketing…

You're bound to sell more of your products and services.

The truth is…the stories are simple at their heart.


The stories are about a character with a problem to overcome.

A problem that is real, painful or even preventing them from doing something they want.

And here's the kicker…


It doesn't matter what “character” you use to convey your story.

Because if Pixar can use a red and white talking clownfish…

You can use anyone in your company or one of your customers.

So don't bother with animated characters or cartoons.

So long as your entire business isn't powered by A.I or some form of the Matrix…

Use a real person.


Have that person tell their story of how they faced a crisis…

And then how they used your product to overcome their problem and succeed.

Sure, crisis is a relative word.

Being able to create web content quickly and easily for some…

Could be a “crisis”.

For others not so much.

Again first world problems.

You see…

Crisis drives the story.


And as the story unfolds:

  • They grow and progress as a character
  • They discover who they really are

Of course there are many variations on this theme…

But this is the core of most Pixar stories.

As business owners, we should be sharing stories.


And even though you may be talking about yourself or client case studies…

You're looking for common points that resonate with your audience.


The stories are really about your prospects and customers.

And here's the best part…

You get to be the Director.

You see…you can help them progress as a character.

And keep in mind…It's about who you help them become.

For example, maybe you sell women's fashion and face care products.

You're not just selling clothes…

You're helping those women create and enhance their own identity…


Which leads to their own stories…

  • Their relationships
  • Their success at work or business
  • Their looks and feelings etc.

And here's another thought…

When you're creating these case studies or testimonials,

You could quickly and easily whip up some amazing looking results by using Sqribble Fantasia 3D.

The ULTIMATE Ebook Creator

It's loaded with 3D models, designs, and an interactive Flipbook creator!

Which means you'll be able to show off the deeper and more meaningful results of your products.

And the best part…

It's fully integrated into your Sqribble dashboard too.

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