Are you making these big traffic mistakes?

If you’re not getting enough traffic to your website, then it’s no secret that you have a problem.

You’ll never build a big enough list, generate enough sales, or make enough money if you don’t jack those traffic numbers up.

So what’s the problem?

Mistake 1: You’re not testing your traffic campaigns.

If you’re not tracking and testing your ads and campaigns, then you may be wasting time and money on stuff that just plain doesn’t work.

And it’s a real shock when you find out you’ve wasted so much money on a campaign that’s not pulling a single penny of profit in for you.

So get a split-testing script or a tool like Google Analytics, and start keeping track of all your campaigns.

Toss out the stuff that doesn’t work, optimize the stuff that does, and then watch how your traffic and profits grow faster than ever

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