How To Turn Your Facebook Profile Into A Traffic Machine

How To Turn Your Facebook Profile Into A Traffic Machine

Did you know that you are currently sitting on a goldmine of traffic right now?

And it’s all thanks to Facebook…

No. I am serious.

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You are sitting on a gold mine

Turn Your Facebook Profile Into A Traffic Machine

Facebook is an awesome platform for growing your business and building your brand, but there are certain ways of doing things with Facebook to ensure they show your posts and…

Facebook does not like direct linking.

Facebook will block you if you send out too many links in private messages they are getting stricter.

Facebook wants to keep people on its platform and wants people to enjoy it.

So the more comments and more likes your posts get the more they are going to be shown

My friend Manny has put an entire roadmap together for you to leverage the goldmine you are sitting on right now.




The 2 types of Facebook groups

There are 2 types of Facebook groups, those that allow advertising and those that don’t.

Groups that allow advertising are usually very big groups with thousands of posts a day and your post usually gets buried very quickly.

This is what I would call a spam group.

People simply join to post their opportunities.

And engagement posts are the best way to get attention here.

NEVER DIRECT LINK, no one will ever see it.

Create engagement to invoke curiosity to get people to comment.

This will push your posts out to more people and you will get more results.

This is just one of the many ways you can use Facebook for free traffic.

My friend Manny has put an entire roadmap together for you to leverage Facebook traffic.


You have been restricted for 3 months

Trust me, this is not something you want to see pop up in your Facebook account!

Getting blocked from doing anything on Facebook for 3 months can seriously dampen your efforts to use it as a good traffic source…

Not to mention the inconvenience of not being able to message or interact with any groups for that long!

I had it happen to me before when I got overzealous in a few Facebook groups.

It’s easy to do the wrong thing and get carried away.

My friend Manny has put an entire roadmap together for you to leverage Facebook traffic and not get blocked while doing it!


The 2nd type of group

Before I wrote you about spam groups.

The other type of group you can leverage to get traffic is what I call “value groups”.

In these groups, you want to create useful content, engage in other people's content and genuinely help out as much as you can.

This is going to make people want to check you out.

You can become known as an authority and a helpful and awesome person in the community, so naturally people will come to you.

THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO get leads and grow your tribe.

Yes it takes longer and it requires you to learn and help people, but it is the best way!

When they see you are helping, they will naturally want to know more about you.

They hover over you check out your profile and add you as a friend.

This is how you attract people to you.

This is where a very powerful tactic comes in.

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The profile funnel

Turn Your Facebook Profile Into A Traffic Machine

So you're in these groups, providing value and everyone loves you for it, what's the first thing they are going to do?

Hover over your profile…

What do they see?

Your featured image and some info about you.

If they like what they see, then they will add you as a friend, click your profile, explore your profile and get to know you more.

This is a powerful strategy because people are self qualifying themselves and actually coming to you.

And if you have your profile set up properly, you can make sales on complete autopilot!


Remember to balance your profile and not always promote.

Give value, open up, tell stories. Share things!

And sprinkle in the promotions in between.

With this profile funnel and consistently helping people in Facebook groups, you will grow a tribe and inevitably sell much more without spending a dime on paid advertising.

Of course, paid advertising is very effective when you have the budget, but that is another topic entirely.


Don’t be THIS guy

A few weeks ago there was a guy in a Facebook group complaining about not getting enough traffic into his site.

It seems he’d try something new, maybe get some traffic for a while, but then it would drop off again.

He’d been trying to make a go of this whole online marketing thing for at least a year now.

His wife was starting to nag him about all the time he spent online with nothing to show for it.

He hated his job and wanted to quit.

He said he was willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

But when he got handed the keys to the castle, he did nothing with them

Too many people want a done-for-you system where they push a button and make money.

But it just doesn’t work like that.

There are easier ways of getting traffic though.

Just like the ones revealed in Traffic Nemesis.


Start using these traffic methods and watch your income grow.


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Turn Your Facebook Profile Into A Traffic Machine

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Turn Your Facebook Profile Into A Traffic Machine



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