How To Pick An Affiliate Marketing Niche

Learn How To Pick An Affiliate Marketing Niche

Affiliate Marketing- Pick a Niche: The first key to generating profits is picking a profitable niche with plenty of eager and willing buyers – and this article shows you how to do it.

Successful affiliate marketing starts with you picking a profitable niche. Check out these ideas…


What to Look for in a Market

As you start researching markets, you’re looking for:

A market that’s actively spending money on products and services.
A market that’s big enough to be profitable.
A market that’s accessible via advertising.


6 Ways to Do Market Research

Is the market you’re considering profitable and worth pursuing? You can find out by:

Running a search for the keywords in Google to see if there are a lot of sites actively selling products and services.

Browsing sales platforms like,, and to see if there are a lot of products selling well in the market.

Checking Google sponsored ads and sites in the market to see if marketers are actively investing in ad campaigns.

Searching for your audience (e.g., “dog owner demographics”) to see if other people have researched the market and provided data about how much they spend.

Use a keyword tool like to see if there are a lot of searches for products and information in the niche.

Asking the audience about their spending habits in the niche.



35 Evergreen Markets

Need to brainstorm popular markets? Check out these evergreen ideas:

Gardening (organic gardening, vegetable gardening, etc.).

Weight loss.

Training for a marathon.

Car restoration.

Collecting antiques.

Home security.

Health issues (back pain, migraines, arthritis, etc.)

Computer security.

Buying/selling a home.

Stress management.

Pets (dog training).

Online marketing.



Wedding planning.

Raising kids.

Playing guitar.

Scuba diving.

Learning a foreign language.

Improving confidence.

Becoming a better public speaker.

Becoming a better manager.




Examples of Carving Out an Affiliate Marketing Niche

The key to success is to carve out a niche. You’ll need to do your research to be sure your niche is big enough to be profitable.

For example, gardening is too big of a niche for you to compete in successfully. So, you focus on a smaller niche such as hydroponic gardening.

Another example is: weight loss is a big market. Weight loss for busy moms is a more targeted niche.

One more: dog training is a big market. Training golden retrievers is a smaller niche.


Is the Niche Big Enough?

The big question: is your niche big enough to be profitable? Take a look around and see if there is demand.

For example:

Are there a lot of websites, print publications, videos, social media pages, groups, and forums devoted to this niche?

Are there a lot of products and services aimed at this niche, including both online and offline?

The key here is that if you see a lot of competitors, that’s a good thing – it tells you the market is big enough and profitable enough to pursue.


Two Questions to Ask Before Picking an Affiliate Marketing Niche

As you complete your market research, you’ll find multiple niche markets that look profitable. Narrow down your list by asking yourself these questions:

Do you know something about this niche?
Are you interested in this niche?

You’re going to be working in this niche for the foreseeable future, so it’s a good thing if you already know something about it and are interested in it. If you’re absolutely passionate about it, that’s ideal.


A Nifty Tool for Doing Market Research

You want to be sure that any niche you pick is evergreen. That means it’s popular now, and it will be popular a year from now, two years, five years, and more.

How do you find out if the market has enduring interest? Search for your keywords in Google Trends:


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