How To Increase Your Ad Performance - SociSnap

Would you like to know how to increase your ad performance by 143%-200%

Are you struggling with your social media posts not receiving the engagement you crave?
Tired of your marketing emails going into spam?


Your ticket to getting people to notice ? your posts again

Facebook has literally gone viral ? .. (excuse the pun people… but I've just stepped out of a 14-day complete quarantine.. lol)

It's been inspiring watching, as the world discovers personal hygiene

We're all mastering the art of social distancing (and still having a great time doing it!) ?

And Facebook and other social media sites are becoming the VITAL GLUE holding people and their connections together.

It's busier, that's for sure…

This means that you can reach more people…

But, in a lot of ways, it's also harder especially for people like you to be seen.

While tons of online marketers are crying about how organic FB reach is down.

Other marketers are laughing all the way to the bank…

Using this secret hack to get more engagement on just about any post, story, advertisement, or more that you post on Facebook.

It’s called SociSNAP and it’s a total game-changer when it comes to getting your content noticed on Facebook.


What is ?SociSnap?
Simply the easiest social media editor tool, that makes your comments and posts on your FAVORITE social platforms like Facebook, Instagram,  ZOOM, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok (and at least 25 others) SNAP & POP

How To Increase Your Ad Performance - SociSnap

What can you do with SociSNAP? 

[+] Add boldly, italics, underlines, emojis, and more!
[+] Copy/paste simplicity
[+] Works on all major browsers and mobile devices
[+] Boost engagement on your posts in seconds
[+]Works in posts, featured posts, comments, groups, and even Facebook ads!
[+] 100% Facebook compliant
[+] Enhance your posts, ads, or comments
[+] Visually entice your visitors to take action
[+] Nothing to install or host, all done in the cloud
[+] No designing or coding skills required
[+] 100% newbie-friendly

You don’t have to fuss about any messy installations as SociSNAP is 100% cloud-based.

And the best part is that you can start using SociSNAP to start pulling in purchases in the next 5 minutes!

But do it fast … 'cause the longer you wait, the harder it's gonna keep getting for people to see your posts.

Do you know what is one of the top ten millionaire Leaders does?   They take action and think AHEAD – they are always focused on the long-term gains instead of immediate rewards.

Visit this immediately while the amount is low, it won't last long!


Struggling with social media posts nobody sees?

How To Increase Your Ad Performance - SociSnap


I was watching the movie, “The Invisible Man” the other day and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I often feel invisible in a sea of social media posts.

I’m drowned out by similar-looking, boring posts where eyes glaze over them in seconds, then move on without a second thought.

If you’ve struggled with social media posts nobody sees, you’re not alone. ?

I’ve had many customers tell me they’ve experienced the same problem.

So I thought, “How do you make an “Invisible Man… VISIBLE?”

Eureka!  It happened right in the movie.  You coat them with colorful paint and other items like clothing!

To ease some of that frustration for you, my friend Viktor wrote an article on “How to Stop People from Scrolling”. ?

I think you’ll find it helpful because in this article, I share case studies and testimonials that’ll help you write better social media posts for your business. ?

It’s like making yourself colorful compared to everyone else and stopping scrollers in their tracks.

You make your INVISIBLE POSTS VISIBLE by SNAPPING them with SociSnap.

Enjoy the read!


The key to success lies within this post … ?

How To Increase Your Ad Performance - SociSnap

Has anyone ever called you the “A” Word?

Before you get upset, it’s not A$$H0L3.  The “A” Word I’m referring to is AVERAGE.  In order to stop people from scrolling past your posts, you have to STOP BEING AVERAGE.

I hope you enjoyed the article I shared recently about how to stop your visitors from scrolling past your social media posts. ?I also hope you got something from it that you can apply to your own business immediately.

Although that article provided case studies and testimonials, I wanted to introduce you to a solution that will make things even easier for you.

That solution is a social media emoji editing software that you can use to create effective social media posts for your business in minutes — saving you tons of time and money. ?

Money Thought: Better is Better than Good and Great is Better than Better but Different is Better than Great.  SociSnap makes you Different.  Be Different.

To learn more about how a social media emoji editing software can help you, watch this ? YouTube Video


Is SociSnap right for you?

While you’re considering whether SociSnap is right for you, I wanted to share another juicy nugget with you to help you towards making a decision:

SociSnap isn’t your grandma’s app.

It works on the top 2 dozen platforms and probably more. Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, etc etc etc.

Dictate your messages using the new voice recognition module.

Find key spam “trigger words” that cause your emails and posts to get picked off by the filters.

Major training videos valued at $995

As usual, don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any. Just contact me, and I’ll get back to you shortly!


How can SociSNAP help you? ?


I’ve personally used SociSnap and I’ve had as much as a 416% increase in my post engagements.  Nope, I didn’t have to do double back-flip technical stuff either.  All I did was click a few buttons and in 2-3 minutes I had “SNAPIFIED” my AVERAGE post making it EXCEPTIONAL!

Today, I want to tell you more about SociSnap, it is so much more than a social media editor. It gives you everything you need to be noticed and accepted online as well as stay in the flow of building extremely cool posts and highly engaging emails. You can Snapify all your text and emojis in multiple social media platforms all in one place. ?


In fact, I’m confident you’ll love it because SociSnap is:

• Incredibly easy to use – Have you ever seen social media posts with the eye-grabbing bold or italics and wondered how they did it? ? With SociSnap it’s a snap. Just click a button, et voila! … Your content is formatted and vetted for delivery with the most popular alternative phrases being offered… ready for you to use in Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, or any social media platform

• Brand new Favorites & Popular Tabs – discover the most popular emojis and keep your favorites quickly at your fingertips. The more you use them the more SociSnap learns what emojis you use the most often.  In addition, the top 100 emojis of all our users are visible in a single click.  You’ll never struggle to find that perfect emoji again! ?

• Facebook, YouTube, and Conversion Training Included – Want to learn the secrets and science of sales conversions that very few marketers know and understand? ?It’s all there in the SociSnap videos section. If you were to buy these programs individually you’d spend more than $300 but during this pre-launch only they are included with your SociSnap access.  Ever wonder how to make effective Facebook ads?  Want to learn how Viktor the creator of SociSnap, grew his YouTube channel to now more than 2.2 million views from nothing? You can when you access your SociSnap tool.

•Ridiculously Effective – The posts created by SociSNAP and the Facebook Training inside are based on everything Viktor’s learned over the past 25 years studying the world’s greatest digital marketers. As a result, they’re specifically designed to build maximum engagement, so you can achieve incredible results. ?

•Unbelievably Safe to Use – With SociSNAP, you’ll never have to worry about writing something that can get your social media accounts flagged, or your emails going to spam again. You’ll get over 350+ “trigger” words that we've identified cause problems with email and social media. With one mouse click, you can quickly identify and highlight all the ‘challenge' words and replace them with more professional and friendly equivalents. We even provide an ever-growing community ‘thesaurus' of terms that our members are updating each week as more people use our software. ?‍?‍?

If you’re ready to get SociSnap, there’s no better time than the present. You can save 30% if you act now by using this exclusive promo code: prelaunch

Visit SociSnap and save 30% with the coupon


Here’s how one customer is using SociSnap to increase sales

I’d like to introduce you to Scott.

Scott lives in Ventura, California, where he owns an online company that sells furniture accessories, fashion.

Scott is trying to increase sales. To do that, he is using SociSnap.


So far, Scott has seen these results:

• Advertising performance increased 32% on his Facebook ads using SociSNAP.

• An add letter Scott created with SociSNAP to promote his sofa cover earned 300% higher sales than his previous ad letter.

• Since using SociSNAP, Scott’s seen his average cart value increase 64%.

To accomplish his online conversion goals, Scott plans to continue using SociSnap.


But, he’s hardly the only one to have experienced amazing results with our social media emoji editing software … check out what other people are saying about SociSnap.

Going with SociSNAP was the best decision I ever made—the ads page I created with it converted 42% higher than my plain text ads with the EXACT SAME CONTENT!

Based on sales alone, I’d say SociSNAP is worth every penny!

Your social media tool and Facebook Relevance ad strategies are responsible for the best results I’ve ever gotten from my ads so far.


I just backhanded Facebook…and they liked it!

So…you know Facebook is like the
a giant of social media right?

And you know if you want to operate
on their site, you have to play by their
rules yes?

The same is true when it comes to how
your posts, stories, and ads will look.

And for me, this just isn’t good enough.

FB tried to tell me differently, but I’d had
enough.  I pulled my hand out of my pocket
and backhanded FB like the punk preventing
post creative snob it is.

Well, not exactly…I just use SociSNAP instead!

SociSNAP allows you to basically be a
David to the FB Goliath and take down the
10ft giant stranglehold on how to create
amazing engaging FB posts that wow and
attract leads, sales, and more!

As a matter of fact, it’s the easy no installation
the needed app that allows for you to get up to
300% more comments, clicks, shares, and
more by using the SociSNAP dashboard.

You’ll be able to take your ordinary posts
from nerd girl with black policeman shoes
to smoking hot model in stilettos!

And there are no limitations of where you can
use SociSNAP!

SociSNAP works in groups featured posts,
comments, and even Facebook ads!

Use this software to visually entice your
visitors while getting them to take action.

There’s nothing to install and there are no

coding or design skills necessary.

You just point, paste, and profit!


While others are crying over FB engagement…this is 100% killing it!

If you aren't on board by now…

You're missing out.

You see, tons of online marketers crying about how
organic FB reach is down.

And while they are fussing and complaining,
other marketers are laughing all the way to
the bank with this

It’s the secret hack to getting more engagement
on just about any post, story, ad, or more that
you post on Facebook.

Here are some of the features you are saying no to:

Add bold, italics, underlines, emojis 
and more!

Copy/paste simplicity

Works on all major browsers and 

Tap into the massive potential you have 
been ignoring

Boost engagement on your posts in 

Works in posts featured posts, 
comments, groups, and even Facebook 

100% Facebook compliant

Unlimited posts, ads, or comments

Visually entice your visitors to take 

Nothing to install or host, all done in 
the cloud

No designing or coding skills required

100% newbie-friendly

You don’t have to fuss about with any
messy installations as SociSNAP is 100%

And the best part is that you can start using
SociSNAP to start pulling in the profits in the
next 5 minutes!

See the full details and SociSNAP in action here

And get ready to have an unfair advantage over
your FB competition by dinner tonight!


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