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Getting high engagement with your emails has never been more difficult.

The struggle is real…

Getting contacts to open, click and reply to your emails presents a unique challenge in 2021 with a whole myriad of issues from hyper-sensitive spam filters to uncompromising ESP standards of policy.

But it remains extremely important.

I won’t go into all the reasons why but just accept for now that if you can solve your engagement issue 90% of your problems are solved.

Everything starts and ends with engagement.

But how do we get there?

Here are 3 really simple ways to boost your engagement


1. Ask questions

Sounds simple, but just ask your subscribers questions.

I have found that 2-3 questions in an email have to lead to much higher reply rates.

And it can literally be ANY question,

Example. P.S- How has your day been today? Reply to this email & let me know.

People like to be asked questions, it gives them a sense of importance.

So ask them questions to get them to reply. Replies are the most powerful way to improve your engagement score.


2. Make it fun…

I’ve been playing around with gamification recently.

I’ve been encouraging my subscribers to reply to my emails & every time they do they collect points which leads to bonuses/prizes.

It works.

People love games, and they love prizes, etc.

make sure you actually deliver the prize, gift/bonus


3. Stand out in the inbox

Be careful with this one.

You don’t want to go too hard on the emojis (once in a whole is ok).

But give some real thought to how you can look different in the inbox.

Can you stand out with enticing pre-headlines?

Can you use words that nobody else in your industry is using?

Can you add a playful pre-fix to your sender name?

All viable options.

Remember, even a 1% increase leads to massive results as you scale up.

Hope this helps.

By Jaszdeep

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