Call-To-Action Templates And Tips

The Guide To CTAs (Calls To Action)

17 Call-To-Action Templates And Tips For Using Them

As an affiliate, you’re always trying to get your audience to take a specific action. Obviously, the big one is that you want your audience to buy what you’re selling. But there are all sorts of other CTAs you regularly use, too, such as encouraging people to join your list, register for your webinar, check out a video, share a piece of content, and much more.

Below you’ll find 17 Call-to-action templates and tips that you can put to work immediately, as well as tips for using them.

Let’s get started…


1. The Lead Page CTA

Your lead page is an important part of your business. If you can’t persuade people to join your list, then your entire business begins to collapse at this point. That’s why you need a compelling lead page followed by a strong CTA.

affiliate marketingE.G., “If you’ve ever wanted to discover the secrets of [getting the desired outcome], then now is your chance to do it for FREE. Drop your name and email address below, click “join,” and you’ll get instant access to this eye-opening [type of product]….”


2. The “Watch This Video” CTA

Sometimes all you need your audience to do is watch a video. It might be a welcome video, a tutorial, or even a sales video. Be sure to give your audience a good reason to watch it when you call them to action. You can also arouse curiosity to get people to take action, as seen in the CTA below.

E.G., “I didn’t know that I was actually [making a mistake, such as “sabotaging my metabolism”]affiliate marketing until I watched this video – and I bet you’re making the same mistake. Find out by clicking here….”


3. The “Join the Discussion” CTA

If you have a platform such as a social media page, blog, or group where you’d like to see more interaction, you need to post compelling content followed by a CTA.

affiliate marketingE.G., “Some experts [say you should do something in one way], while other [type of experts] [swear by some other method]. What do you think? Share your thoughts below….”


4. The Webinar Registration CTA

One advantage of encouraging people to register for a webinar is a built-in sense of urgency since people need to register before the webinar starts or risk missing out. And, depending on the platform you’re using, you might also have a limited number of seats available. Be sure to use this natural sense of scarcity in your CTA.

E.G., “You can sit in on this free [type of] training on [date and time] if you register now. Butaffiliate marketing hurry, because there are only [number] seats available, and we expect them to go fast….”


5. The “Share This Content” CTA

Viral content doesn’t happen by accident. If you want people to share your content, you need to start with unique, compelling content, and you need to finish with a call to action.

affiliate marketingE.G., “Be a good friend and share [this type of content] with others who [would like to get some benefit]. All you have to do is click here to [share it on some platform such as Facebook, email your friends, etc.]….”


6. The “Enter This Contest” CTA

As with most things, you can increase your response rate for a contest by including a call to action. And since a contest has a built-in deadline, be sure to mention this in your call to action (as doing so will help boost response).

E.G., “You too can win up to [dollar amount] in [types of niche products]! All you have to do isaffiliate marketing [explain how to enter] – and do it now, as this contest closes soon….”


7. The “Follow Me on Social Media” CTA

It’s a good idea to get your audience subscribed and following you on multiple platforms, as it increases the chance that they’ll see your marketing message. To that end, here’s an example of CTA you can use to get people to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media platform.

affiliate marketingE.G., “Be the first to [get some perk, like seeing all your best training videos] by following me now [on the specific platform]. All you have to do is click here, and then watch your feed for [share benefits of following you]!”


8. The “Check Out My Lead Page” CTA

Earlier I shared with you a CTA template that would appear on your lead page. Now, this CTA is where you encourage people to visit your lead page. For example, you might include this CTA at the end of a guest blog post to drive traffic to your lead page.

E.G., “If you liked [this specific article], then you’re going to love Part 2, where you’ll discover [share two or three of the main benefits]. Click here to get it now for free!”

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9. The “Fill Out This Survey” CTA

If you’re collecting market research, then you’re going to want as many people as possible to fill in your survey. That’s why it’s a good idea to spend time crafting a call to action.

Be careful with your CTA, however. For example, you might be tempted to offer some incentive (such as a free on-demand product) to get more people filling in your survey. If you do this, however, then you may end up with biased answers. Simply put, people tend to tell you what they think you want to hear, especially if you’re rewarding them with something they want.

Alternatively, you can appeal to your audience’s good nature by simply asking them for a favor. Let me give you an example of what this looks like….

E.G., “I really need your help. Would you please complete this survey for me? It only takes 3affiliate marketing minutes, and it would help me start giving you more of what you want. Click here to get started….”


10. The “Fill In This Form” CTA

We’ve talked about contest entries, surveys, webinar registrations, and opt-in forms. However, there may be other reasons that you want someone to fill in a form. For example, you might ask people to fill in a form to get notified about an upcoming event or perhaps when some particular offer is available again. For these reasons or others, you can use this type of “fill in this form” CTA template.

affiliate marketingE.G., “If you want to [get some specific benefit], then all you have to do is complete the short form below. It only takes about 10 seconds, so go ahead and do it now….”


11. The Straight-Up “Buy This Offer” CTA

This call to action is where you directly tell someone to buy an offer, perhaps by reminding them of the benefits of this offer.

Take note, however, that this sort of CTA is usually tacked on at the end of a piece of preselling content. In other words, you don’t spring this CTA on your readers out of the blue. Instead, you build a desire for an offer and then use this call to action to encourage people to purchase it.

E.G., “If you’ve ever wanted to [get some benefit], then today is the best time to start. That’s why I urge you to take out your credit card and click here to take the next step – and do it now, becauseaffiliate marketing [some good outcome] awaits you….”


12. The “Use This Coupon” CTA

If the vendor gives you coupons to share with your audience, you’ll want to use a call to action based on this coupon. If the coupon comes with an expiration date, then be sure to mention that in your CTA.

affiliate marketingE.G., “Now you too can get a whopping [percent] off your purchase of [product]. All you have to do is use coupon code [insert coupon code] to claim your discount. Hurry, this offer ends [insert when the coupon expires], so click here to get your discount now while you still can….”


13. The “Act Now Before the Sale is Over” CTA

Here’s a call to action you’d use for a special promo, such as a launch week sale, a flash sale, a holiday sale, or something similar.

E.G., “Just a short amount of time remains before this amazing deal ends. Why pay more when you don’t have to? Click here to [get some dollar amount off or some percentage-off discount]….”affiliate marketing


14. The BOGO CTA

Here another type of offer: the buy one, get one (BOGO) sale.
How you construct this call to action depends on what you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling a product where it’s common for people to have at least two items (such as the same style shirt but in different colors), you can present your BOGO item directly.

Let me give you an example:

affiliate marketingE.G., “Stock up and save with this buy one, get one free offer! use coupon code [insert coupon code] to get your second [type of product] free. Click here to start saving money now….”

Alternatively, if you’re promoting an offer where people typically don’t have two of the items – such as gym membership – then be sure to get people thinking about how to use the offer. For example, please give it to a friend, share it with a family member, etc.

Let me give you an example of this type of BOGO CTA:

E.G., “[Type of product] makes a great gift, which is why you’re going to want to take advantage of this buy one, get one free offer today! Keep one for yourself and give one away to a friend or family member. Click here to take advantage of this special offer now….”affiliate marketing


15. The “Buy and Get This Bonus” CTA

If you’re adding value to affiliate offers (and you should be), then your call to action should mention your bonus whenever appropriate.

As always, this call to action shouldn’t come out of the blue. Be sure to tout the benefits of both the main product and your bonus with some compelling sales copy, and then drop a call to action to persuade people to buy now.

affiliate marketingE.G., “Buy [name of main product] now using the link below, and you’ll get instant access to [name of bonus product] for FREE! All you have to do is click this link to get started….”


16. The “Imagine This” Presell CTA


The idea behind this call to action is to get people to imagine what it will be like to get rid of their problem. If you can find people to imagine this positive scenario, you’ll put them one step closer to purchasing the offer.

E.G., “Imagine how you’ll feel [at some point in the future] when you [don’t have this specific problem anymore]. You’ll [feel some positive emotion] as you [observe some desired benefit or outcome]. If you can imagine a life [with some perfect outcome], then make it happen by clicking here….”


17. The “Take the Next Step” CTA

This call to action is pretty straightforward – it encourages people to start down the desired path by taking the next step. In this case, that “next step” is typically to order a product. However, you can use this CTA for other reasons, such as getting people to register for a webinar, read a blog post, request a lead magnet, and so on.

E.G., “If you’ve always wanted to [get some benefit], then take the next step now [by performing some specific action – buy a product, watch a video, etc.]. A [better life is waiting for you], and all you have to do to get started is click here now….”affiliate marketing



You just discovered 17 call-to-action templates and tips that you can put to work in your affiliate business immediately. Be sure to tweak these templates to fit your needs, and then test your calls to action to determine which ones produce the best results you learned about inside this guide!


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