How To Generate Highly Targeted Traffic

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17 Ways, How To Generate Highly Targeted Traffic

Whether you’re trying to get targeted traffic to your lead page (which is the recommended strategy) or to your affiliate bonus page, the best approach is a multiprong approach.

Take note, however: this doesn’t mean that you put every method below into play immediately. Instead, I suggest choosing one method and getting it set up, running, and producing results. Once you’ve accomplished that, then you can add another method to your strategy.

With that in mind, here are some of the top ways to generate traffic (in no particular order)…


1. Guest Blogging

The key to generating traffic with this method is to choose high-quality blogs and then submit high-quality, unique content. To find these blogs, use Google to search for your niche keywords, alongside words such as:

 List of guest blogging opportunities

 Best guest blogging

 Submit guest content

 Guest blogging

 Guest article

 Guest content

 Guest article submission

 Guest article guidelines

 Guest blogging guidelines

 Submit guest article

Here’s an example search term: “dog training guest article submission” (without the quotes).

Be sure to read and follow the submission guidelines carefully. You can also read the archives to get a sense of what type of content the blog editor seems to like to publish (e.g., in-depth tutorials, tips, articles with plenty of graphics, etc.). Then you can create a unique piece of content in a similar format as previously published pieces.


2. Search Engine Optimization

To raise your visibility in Google and other search engines, you need to do the following:

 Use a keyword tool to discover what words your audience is typing into the search engines.

 Create high-quality content for readers FIRST, and sprinkle these keywords into your content when you can do so naturally.

 Offer longer content (to please the search engines), but make it scannable to please your readers.

 Be sure to optimize your pages, including links, titles, navigation menu, and meta tags.

 Focus on naturally acquiring high-quality backlinks, such as by creating viral content.



3. Social Media Marketing

affiliate marketing

Your audience is already on social media, which is why you should be too. For best results, pick the top two or three platforms where your audience is already congregated and develop a strong presence on those platforms. You can use a tool like to schedule and post content across your platforms automatically and simultaneously.

NOTE: In addition to setting up a social media page, be sure to explore other options, such as setting up a Facebook Group to build a community.



4. Blogging

Blogging is a good way to develop relationships with your audience and drive traffic to your blog.

A quick and easy way to set up a blog is by using After that’s done, determine the overall goal of your blog, and then build a publishing calendar around this goal. You may publish a variety of content, from tutorials to product reviews to case studies. Be sure to publish sequences to boost your conversions, and then do the following to generate traffic:

 Share your blog content and links on social media.

 Install social media “share” and “like” buttons to encourage visitors to share your blog content.

 Post viral content.

 Optimize the content for the search engines.

 Open up commenting on developing a community on your blog.

 Encourage users to subscribe to your RSS feed.



5. Video Marketing

The idea here is to post videos on YouTube and other social media platforms and your own blog. You can then attract traffic to this video by optimizing the text description and title.

What sort of videos should you create? You’ll want to look at what’s popular in your niche, but tutorials and “unboxing” product reviews tend to be a hit no matter what niche you’re serving.


6. Community Participation

Participating in communities not only helps establish your expertise, but you can also use it to drive traffic to your lead page or bonus page. For example, you can comment on other peoples’ blogs, on their forums, and in their Facebook groups. You can also contribute to question and answer sites such as

The key to this strategy is to contribute thoughtful, unique content that sets your answers apart from other peoples’ answers. This is particularly important on sites like Quora, where the best answers rise to the top.

Whenever allowed, use a signature file to promote your lead page or bonus page. E.G., “Discover the secret trick Hollywood actors use when they need to drop fat fast – click here to get it for free!”


7. Paid Advertising

If you want to get highly targeted traffic quickly, then using paid advertising is the way to go. You can advertise on social media (especially Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit) on big platforms such as Google Ads and directly on niche sites.

In all cases, be sure to do the following:

 Pick a focused audience. For example, if you’re doing pay-per-click marketing, choose longtail keywords that are commercially oriented (e.g., “buy dog training book”).

 Test your campaigns. Be sure you’ve got a high-converting ad and a good venue before you invest your full budget. In other words, start small and then scale up once you’ve optimized your campaigns.



8. Press Releases

The key to a good press release is to be sure it’s newsworthy (and not promotional). For example, if you sponsor the local Little League team, you can send out a press release about it and get some free publicity. Or, if you’re hosting a free webinar on an important topic, you can send out a release.

It’s a good idea to send releases directly to local media, such as your local newspaper, TV, and radio stations. You can also use a distribution service (such as to find a wider audience. Due to the enormous number of releases on these sites, however, your exposure is limited. That’s why sending releases directly is likely to net you better results.


9. Webinarsaffiliate marketing

A webinar is another good way to establish your expertise and drive targeted traffic to your bonus pages.

For example, if you’re promoting a weight-loss guide, you might host a webinar called “The 10 Secrets for Losing 10 Pounds.” You’d then share your ten tips, followed by promotion at the end for viewers to purchase the guide.


10. Viral Content

If you can create a unique piece of content that stirs up positive emotion in people (such as joy, surprise, or inspiration), then you’re well on your way to creating a piece of viral content. This may take the form of a meme, a report, a short video, a quiz, or something similar. To see what works in your niche, spend some time on social media studying viral content.

Keep these keys in mind:

 Please select your title carefully, as it can make or break the success of the piece.

 Be sure it’s quick and easy to consume, such as a two-minute video, an infographic, or a short article.

 Be sure it’s easy to share, such as by placing it on social media.

 Launch your viral pieces by advertising them widely, which will help them get to critical mass more quickly.

 Do some testing to determine the right time to launch viral content. For example, Tuesday mornings in many niches work well, whereas a Friday night tends to have fewer people seeing it initially.



11. Contests

Another way to generate traffic and build your list is by having a contest. You can even make your content go viral using an app like, which lets you award extra entries to anyone who shares your content.

The key to creating a targeted list with your contest is to give your niche prizes, as opposed to cash or general gift cards. Nonetheless, since some people sign up for every contest they find, it’s a good idea to segment your list so that your contest entrants are separate from the rest of your list, as they may need some extra “warming up” (in the form of a welcome series) for them to become responsive.


12. Partner Marketing

The idea behind this method is to join forces with other people in your niche and engage in mutually beneficial activities. These activities include:

 Swapping guest content to post on your respective blogs or newsletters.
 Boosting each other’s social media content.
 Co-endorsing each other inside your newsletters, on social media, on your blogs, and other platforms.
 Exchanging links on your thank you and download pages.
 Exchanging endorsements or links within your lead magnets.
 Doing webinars together.
 Holding contests together.
 Going in together to purchase an advertisement.
 Creating a lead magnet together.

… and similar mutually beneficial activities.

TIP: Be sure to do your due diligence on a prospective partner, as their behavior will impact your reputation.
Secondly, you’ll be able to get more people agreeing to partner with you if you build relationships with them first. For example, engage them on social media and strike up conversations.


affiliate marketing13. Slide Share

The idea here is to create something useful, such as a tutorial, and then post it on Be sure to include relevant keywords in the content and the title and description, as this will help raise your visibility on the site and the search engines.

TIP: Be sure to use a professional slide deck and create a polished presentation, as this will create a great impression and make it more likely people will click through to your website.


14. Syndication on Medium

The idea here is to reach deeper into your niche by syndicating it, including posting it on Be sure only to post your best content there to build a good reputation.


15. Vendor Bonuses

This strategy works best if you’ve already developed a relationship with a vendor and a good reputation in your niche. What you do is create a special, unique bonus that enhances the use or enjoyment of the vendor’s product. While you’d typically offer this bonus to your customers only, you do this method to offer the vendor to distribute to ALL customers. Naturally, you’d include a link and call to action inside the bonus to driving traffic back to your site.

For example, if the vendor is selling a copywriting guide, you might offer a high-quality set of sales letter templates and swipes for the vendor to distribute to his or her customers.


16. Vendor Interviews

Many vendors make themselves available to affiliates for interviews, which you can do via email, phone, or even during a live video conference.
For example, if you’re selling a gardening tutorial, you and the vendor can give an overview of the steps and offer gardening tips. You can then use your affiliate link at the end to promote the offer.

NOTE: What makes this strategy particularly powerful is that many vendors will help you promote the interview (if it’s high quality). That means more traffic and sign-ups for you and more sales for both of you.



affiliate marketing17. Local Talks

Here’s an “old school” way to drive traffic: give a talk at a local meet-up, organization, expo, or another event. You can then hand out a flyer that includes your link and a call to action to go to your website.

For example, if you’re selling gardening information, you might offer yourself as a guest expert at a gardening club meeting or team up with a nursery to give a free talk.



And there you have it –How To Generate Highly Targeted Traffic – 17 good ways to drive traffic to your lead page or affiliate bonus page. What I suggest you do is pick ONE method and commit to learning how to do it, and then implement what you’ve learned just as soon as possible!


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