How To Create eBooks That SELL

You know…

I've been successfully selling eBooks online for over 15 years…

They're the staple foundation for ANY digital business online.

But how do you create WINNING eBooks that sell?


There are 2 groups of people…

See which one you fall in to;

Group 1: Are willing to create an ebook on any topic, even if they have no interest in that niche, just for monetary gain.

Group 2: Those that want to create something of value-based around their own expertise, interests & passions.

There's nothing wrong with either of these groups.

I have tried both…


If you fall into group 1, your interest in pushing forward is likely to dwindle especially if you don't start seeing results right away. It's hard to keep going when you have no passion in a particular area.

So I do recommend creating a business around your interests, but at the same time, you need to do market research to make sure that people are actually spending money in that niche.

I recommend creating eBooks that solve problems for people. People are looking for solutions to various types of problems, and the first place they look is online.

Every day thousands of people are searching for solutions, such as;

“How to lose weight…”

“How to get rid of acne…”

“How to start a digital business online.”

“How to improve your memory…”

“How to speak a foreign language…”

“How to save your relationship…”

“How to stop procrastinating…”

… and many more.

Using the “How to…” search string is a great way to find areas that people have problems in, and you instantly know that that person is looking for a solution and can create an eBook for them.

how to create ebook

BIG PAIN = Opportunity to PROFIT

There are also many keyword tools online you can use to generate ideas, suggestions, and topic areas and see how much demand there is BEFORE you start writing a single word…


Ideally, you want to find a niche that doesn't have a low search volume, but at the same time, search queries with a high volume don't necessarily mean people will pay for a solution/your eBook.

Look at that screenshot above…

“How to download YouTube videos” has a volume of 246,000 per month… however, the CPC (cost per click) is LOW, and it has weak commercial intent, as people are most likely to find the solution easily via YouTube or a free article online.






Whereas “How to lose weight” or “How to buy bitcoin” have a search volume of 49,500, the CPC is high, and when you cross-reference this with digital products that are selling on platforms like right now, you can be sure that people are actually spending money on these eBook/topics!


A common question I get asked is. “Adeel, what about competition?”…

Competition is another good signal that sales are being generated.

If you find many other eBooks/courses/products in a particular niche area, then it further gives you the green light and positive indicator to also enter that market and create your eBook.

So competition is a GOOD thing, and there's enough cake for you also to grab your piece & create your next eBook too.

So quit procrastinating and DO IT, you lazy git!

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How To Create eBooks That SELL