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The 7 Step System I Inclined to Form a $50 Million Greenback Online Replace Whereas Quarantined in My Home Office, Starting with a “Unimaginative” Idea & a Notepad

Plus the 2 Steps I Missed That Would’ve Build Us Over $100 Million in Gross sales

Warning: this has most attention-grabbing been shared once at a mastermind that payment folks $35,000 to attend…

My title is Kelly Felix…

And I must admit something embarrassing…

No longer means inspire I overheard some high entrepreneurs discussing me in private…

And what I heard changed into soul-crushing…

They talked about I changed into:

  • ​A Has-Been
  • ​Overrated

  • ​A One-Hit Shock

And though the words pierced through me like a knife…

They had been kinda factual.

I had once been talked about in some circles as a “high marketer”…

However that changed into well over a decade within the past.

My friends had been now on stage with Tony Robbins or Richard Branson…

Changing the sphere.

Within the meantime I changed into sitting at home twiddling my thumbs…

Bearing in thoughts “the factual ole days”.

I hadn’t created a hugely winning web page in ages.

I wasn’t even distinct if I knew how anymore.

Per chance there changed into factual too worthy competition on this day and age…

Or even I factual wasn't as perfect as I thought I changed into.

Or even…

I had gotten fortunate within the past, and my luck simply ran out.

In 2005 I created a product that 500,000 folks purchased.

It changed into an e-guide known as “The Well to assign Jerk”.

Underestimated.com By Kelly Felix

I sold that company for about 1,000,000 bucks…

And I thought I changed into a genius.

However being in my twenties and dull…

I spent the total money in decrease than 2 years, till I changed into flat broke.

“Broke” as in…

Promoting all of my stuff on eBay…

Going through a bitter divorce…

And my home going into foreclosures…

That manufacture of broke.

I changed into positively less well off, and more jerk.

No longer long after that, I changed into fortunate ample to associate with some folks that had been smarter than me…

Underestimated.com By Kelly Felix

And I earned a healthy earnings for a pair years, working alongside them.

However nothing to make a choice up overly angry about.

When these companions sooner or later moved on to unusual, more winning projects with out me…

I changed into left scratching my head.

What must serene I enact next?

Well, for the next 5 years I jumped on every model I also can, comparable to:

  • ​Promoting t-shirts from Facebook adverts
  • Rising a ​Shopify Store
  • ​Promoting on Amazon FBA
  • Being an Entrepreneur “Coach”
  • ​Doing Affiliate Marketing
  • ​Orchestrating a Marvelous Product Commence

None of it labored.

Within the meantime, my friends had been posting pics of their unusual Lamborghini’s on my

Facebook feed every varied day.

Underestimated.com By Kelly Felix

And these posts chipped away at my self belief…

Like death by a thousand cuts.

Changed into once I a loser?

What changed into I doing cross?

Per chance I with out a doubt changed into the Vanilla Ice of promoting…

Underestimated.com By Kelly Felix

As soon as I saw how worthy it affected her, I thought to myself “What number of varied folks available are in my mother’s field?”

That gave me an conception.

What if I took the guidelines I had given my mother, and shared them online?

Would somebody ranking them, or exhaust them?

I imply, credit ranking restore web sites are a dime a dozen.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to ascertain out though.

And presumably I also can inspire about a folks that had been in a equal field.

So I posted the notes on a web based credit ranking discussion board.

That suggests folks didn’t want to sweep in the course of the web day and night like I did…

Making an are trying to fragment together the total most traditional knowledge.

Over time, I every so continuously checked in on my put up.

No longer with out a doubt pondering worthy of it.

After about a months it ended up receiving 6 pages of replies…

With a lot of heartfelt thank-you messages.

And that made me feel very best factual. ?

So I thought, what the heck, presumably I must serene crawl a step additional…

And take a look at out to inspire worthy more folks repair their credit ranking.

I got on Click Funnels and made a with out a doubt straight forward one-web page web page (since I’m not a techie)…

And I shared my credit ranking-restore guidelines on it…

The same ones I had shared with my mother.

However this time I jazzed my notes up a bit, going into worthy more detail…

Along with how I filed 12 complaints in opposition to firms like Equifax, Amex, Transunion, Experian, and a bunch of debt collectors.

And detailing how I received 11 of these cases…

All while being so anxious that I also can barely set 2 sentences in conjunction with out stuttering in front of the take.

Whereas reviewing my tiny one-web page web page over and over…

I started to know that the guidelines I changed into placing together…

Changed into once exactly what I wished I had myself, when my dangle credit ranking changed into awful.

It changed into so straight forward, but so factual, and straight forward to treasure.

I spotted I will be in a utter to payment money for it.

Finally, I had set in hundreds of hours of learn, long past to court, and realized the negate enact’s and don’ts of credit ranking restore.

All on my dangle.

And a factual credit ranking get can with out plot back assign a particular person hundreds of bucks, if not tens or hundreds and hundreds.

No longer to existing the stress reduction, and the total varied advantages that stretch with having a factual credit ranking get.

So why wouldn’t I be in a utter to payment a tiny bit money for it?

Now here is the level where some entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs may perchance well perchance relate this changed into a “insensible” conception…

Because “credit ranking restore” is a hugely aggressive commerce.

Billion greenback firms.

And hundreds of mid-diploma to smaller firms.

All competing for the same folks.

However I had very best worthy failed at every varied web page I revamped the old 5 years…

So why not be engaging to fail once more?

I didn’t fill worthy to lose.

My ego changed into already very best decimated at this level anyway.

It changed into so unpleasant that I had with out a doubt developed a debilitating case of “fright dysfunction” and “agoraphobia”…

That system I changed into so alarmed of the fright attacks I had every day, that I wouldn’t even crawl away my home.

No procuring trips, no meetings with friends, nothing.

The total lot changed into a trigger.

So I changed into “self-quarantined” well before somebody had even heard of Covid.

All in all, it wasn’t a factual time.

I tried over 50 medicines…

Like a pharmaceutical guinea pig.

No topic the facet effects, I powered through day to day as simplest I also can.

Focusing on my credit ranking restore web page helped to grab my thoughts off the peril and loyal war within my brain.

Fortunately I also can compose money working from home, preserving the provoking outdoors world at bay.

However factual before I gave up altogether…

I thought, what if I got a tiny bit more ingenious?

My web page changed into so traditional.

I had been so fascinating about enhancing the credit ranking restore guidelines…

That my web page suffered, and it wasn’t very compelling.

It changed into ignoring the well-known tips of promoting & copywriting altogether.

I imply not decrease than I also can are trying positioning my data as being stuffed with credit ranking restore “secrets” rather then factual “notes”.

Sounds more attention-grabbing, ya know?

So I literally factual changed the title of the product.

Would possibly well perchance a straight forward switch like that with out a doubt crawl the needle, turning a shedding web page into a winner?

Well, wouldn’t it…

About a more folks started trickling in here and there…

And a few of them with out a doubt plunked down their frigid laborious money for my newly renamed credit ranking restore “secrets”!

No longer most attention-grabbing had been there no refund requests…

My potentialities had been over-joyed and grateful.

Per chance I changed into onto something here?

I started to mediate about how to attain more folks.

Suggestions to forged a worthy broader gain, with out breaking the financial institution.

Minute did I know, we may perchance well quit up being in a utter to steal a $2.4 million greenback home, fill our autos paid for, and be in a utter to position a unparalleled chunk of switch into long time period investments, some bitcoin, our kid’s futures, and a lot more and a lot more…

My associate Alison changed into so moved by the tearful movies folks had been sending in…

She provided to hitch me and be our lone buyer provider consultant…

Answering any comments or questions that had been sent in.

Since many of the messages had been very uplifting…

It changed into a truly best feel-factual job for her.

Messages from folks like Brian Murray (below).

This guy changed into so appreciative of our inspire, he with out a doubt flew out to San Diego to shake my hand and thank me in particular person.

And I made distinct to fill a digital camera prepared!

(Beautiful warning – we both shed about a tears)

I changed into relentless.

I kept attempting and failing.

Editing the sales message over and over and over.

No whiteboards.

No Neanderthal palms.

No gimmicks.

Only a straight forward video with textual roar material, inventory images (of parents in despair) and provoking song.

Till I got it factual factual…

Like this:


I am Pulling Abet the Curtain on it All…

I’ve set together a video blueprint of

the total lot

I did to develop a $50 million greenback commerce from scratch.

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