Turn Your Life Into GTA

Turn your life into GTA and get everything you've ever wanted.

Have you ever played GTA 5?

It's this crazy game where you can commit crimes, drive fast cars, and hit the strip club.

(Not with your mom in the room though)

The point is: You do all things you want to do in the real world but can't. (Minus the mass murder – or not, I'm not a cop)

And this got me thinking…

In GTA, you try and get rich, buy mansions and try and live the best life possible.

But when it comes to the real world?

Most people can't spend 1 hr working towards their goals…

So today I'm going to be breaking down how you can turn your life into GTA and get everything you've ever wanted.


Okay, so first things first: Mindset


This is by far the most important step so pay attention.

Why are you able to complete mission after mission in GTA, tunnel-visioned on the single goal of making money, but when it comes to the real world you can't?

It's because, in GTA, you're playing in the third person.

The camera follows your character and you get to avoid feeling the fear, tiredness, and pain that your character feels.

(and that's a good thing, getting shot and stabbed can't be fun)

As a result, you can execute what needs to be done easily because you're not standing in your own way.

This is what you need to do…

Take a step back and see yourself as the character you're playing.

Let all the labels and negative experiences fall away and control your character like you were playing a video game.

This will be tough at first but it becomes so much easier to get the important stuff done when you're not shackled by fear and doubt.

Give it a try.


Okay, now you've got the right mindset, what else is needed to make a good game?

The first thing is a PLAN


When you pause the game, a little table pops up.

This is where you can view all the missions and see what needs doing next.

This is  EXACTLY why executing in a video game is so much easier you're 100% crystal clear on what the next steps are.

Bonus points if you can break it down into teeny tiny pieces. This will make it EFFORTLESS to follow.


Speaking of points, that brings us to the last thing…

You need a way to keep the SCORE

(After all what good would GTA be if you didn't know how much money you'd made?)

Now, I'd advise against using a metric like money as a score – it's less under your control.

Using something like hours of work done per day is 100% in your control and something you can stick to every day.

So there we have it.

A way for you to start living your life like a GTA character.



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