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17 Best Practices And Tips For Improving Your Lead Page


If you’re an affiliate, then a big, responsive list is among one of your most valuable assets, and building it is one of your most important priorities. However, if you’re sending targeted traffic to your lead page and not getting the response you want, then it’s time to figure out what might be wrong. You can start by following these 17 best practices and tips for improving your lead page. Take a look…


1. Get a Professional Design

When someone first lands on your lead page, they’re going to form an impression of your page, your lead magnet, and your business as a whole in just a second or two. The question is, are you making a good impression?

To answer this question, look at your page design as a whole. Before anyone even reads your headline, they’re forming their impression based on your web design. If you don’t have a professional design in place, visitors may assume that your lead magnet is amateurish too.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to install a great design. You can use a platform like and pick a professional theme; you can outsource your page design, use a template, or even use a service like


2. Use Professional eCover Graphicsaffiliate

In addition to a great design, you want to make sure your lead magnet is well-represented with a professional graphic. Whether it’s an ebook, membership site pass, webinar, app, or anything else, be sure the graphic is compelling, professional, and makes a good impression. If you’re not skilled at creating these graphics yourself, then outsource (try


3. Install a Reputable Email Service Provider

Imagine for a moment that you have an awesome lead page, but right as the visitor is joining your list, there’s a technical hiccup, and the opt-in doesn’t go through. Or suppose you have no troubles building the list, but your emails aren’t getting to their intended recipients.

To avoid these sorts of problems, you’ll want to be sure you’re using a reputable email service provider. Do your due diligence to pick a provider with good customer service and a good reputation for deliverability and reliability.

For example, Builderall Mailingboss is an Autoresponder and Email Marketing Platform. With Mailingboss, you can capture and send unlimited emails with superior delivery and open rates.

Or use a reputable service provider like GetResponse.

4. Eliminate Unnecessary Linksaffiliate

The next thing you need to look at is whether your lead page has any unnecessary links. Generally, you should set it up so that the main way to leave this lead page is by filling in the form. If the visitor doesn’t do that, they’ll need to hit the back button or close the window.

The point is, don’t put other offers or unnecessary links on the page as it will dilute your conversions. The keyword here is “unnecessary,” as there are some links that you’ll need to include (which we’ll get to in just a few moments).


5. Understand Your Audience

Before you create any sales copy for your lead page, be sure that you know as much about your audience as possible. This will require some market research on your part to determine:

 Audience demographics include age, gender, location, marital status, educational level, income, and more.
 What your audience’s biggest challenges are in the niche.
 What your audience most wants in the niche.
 Any jargon your audience uses.

And similar information.

The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to create a sales copy that really resonates with them. Essentially, you want to write for your ideal customer so that when they arrive on your lead page, they feel like you wrote it just for them.


6. Present an In-Demand Offer

The next big component of your lead page is to be sure you offer something that your audience really wants. If you’re not sure what they want, you shouldn’t be guessing. Instead, once again, do your market research to know for sure.

Secondly, you want to make sure that your lead magnet is closely related to whatever you’re selling from within the lead magnet (and within your initial autoresponder series). Anyone who wants your lead magnet should REALLY want the paid offer you’re promoting.

For example, you might offer a set of sales letter templates as a lead magnet and then sell a copywriting course on the backend. The templates are useful yet incomplete, in that someone certainly could put them to use immediately, but they’ll make the MOST of them and get higher conversions if they purchase the copywriting course.


7. Craft a Benefit-Driven Headline

The next component of your lead page is to create a strong, compelling headline. When it comes to the copy on your page, this headline is the most important component. If your headline doesn’t get your audience’s attention, then the rest of your lead page doesn’t even need to exist because no one will read it.

Use this mini-checklist to be sure you’re creating a strong headline:

 Does the headline present the top one to three benefits of your offer?
 Does the headline include the word “free” (which is very powerful)?
 Does the headline include other powerful words such as you, how to, amazing, proven, discover, etc.?
 Does the headline arouse curiosity? (Not a requirement, but when done right, it is powerful.)


8. Start With a Strong Opener

Once your lead page headline gets your visitor’s attention, you need to hold their attention with a strong opener. Here are three ways to do this:

 Elaborate on the benefits expressed in the headline. E.G., “Imagine if you woke up tomorrow to an inbox full of sales notifications…”
 Ask a question. E.G., “Do you get a lot of traffic but very few sales?”
 Tell a story. E.G., “Traffic wasn’t a problem for Jane. She could drive traffic to her sales page all day long. And yet something was wrong…”

Note that this opener doesn’t need to belong – even just one paragraph will often do the trick. (Indeed, your lead page as a whole doesn’t need to belong either – in many cases, you can do it all in 500 words or less.)


affiliate9. Identify the Problem… and the Solution

Once you’ve engaged people with your opener, you need to clearly identify the problem and then introduce your lead magnet as the solution.

E.G., “Maybe you can relate to a sales page that’s suffering from a lack of sales. If so, then I have some good news for you. Introducing…”


10. Present a Bulleted List of Benefits

The next component of your lead page is the bulleted list of benefits, which is extremely important. Sometimes skimmers will read the headline, skip to this list, and then glance down at the bottom of the page. As such, this list can make or break your lead page.

A benefit statement should be very similar to a headline in that it presents a strong benefit and, where relevant, arouses curiosity about the lead magnet.

E.G., “You’ll discover a 30-second tweak you can make to your sales page right now that could double your conversion rate!”


11. Craft a Persuasive Call to Action

After the visitor reads your benefits, they’re going to want your lead magnet. Just dropping an opt-in form in front of them isn’t good enough, even if it seems really obvious what the visitor should do next.

Instead, you need to create a call to action that tells people exactly what to do and why.

E.G., “Fill in your name and email address in the form below now, and you’ll get instant access to this free conversion-boosting report!”


12. Offer Hope (Not Hype)

You’ve probably seen a few lead pages in your time that are the virtual equivalent of a carnival barker yelling at prospects. You know what I’m talking about: the kind of lead page that makes hype-filled, over-the-top claims in an attempt to get as many people as possible to sign up.

Don’t do that. Offering a lot of sales hype will only disappointing the prospect when they start reviewing your lead magnet. In turn, they’re not going to trust you since you already burned them once.

Instead, focus on creating sales copy that provides hope. Let them know you understand their problem and then provide honest, genuine hope that they can solve this problem with your help.


13. Provide Proof

Even though you’re not creating any hype-filled copy, and even though you’re offering something for free, your audience is still a little skeptical. To move your prospects past this skepticism and to the opt-in form, you can offer proof of your claims. This proof may take the form of:

 Two or three strong testimonials.
 A quick case study.
 Pictures (such as “before” and “after” pics where relevant).
 Videos.
 Screenshots.

And similar items.

For example, if you’re sharing copywriting tips, you might provide a quick case study of how someone doubled their conversion rate with your tips.

Another example: if you’re selling information about how to train a dog, you might provide a quick video showing a very well-trained dog that knows plenty of commands and even tricks.


14. Engage People Emotionally

Let me be clear here: we’re not talking about psychologically tricking anyone into joining your list or using any strongarm tactics.

Instead, what we’re talking about is simply engaging people on an emotional level. For most people to be motivated, they need to feel something. That’s why a good lead page helps engage these emotions.

One good way to engage people emotionally has already been mentioned: offer people hope. You can do this by reminding them of the pain of their problem and then getting them to think about how good it will feel when they have a working solution.

E.G., “Imagine the joy you’ll feel when you start seeing the sales notifications hitting your inbox…”


affiliate15. Install Your Legal Documentation

Earlier, I mentioned that you shouldn’t have unnecessary links on your lead page, and that’s true. However, in many jurisdictions, you need to have certain legal disclaimers or even complete policies in place.

Since this varies according to where you live and where your prospects live, I can’t give you a list of what you need. Examples, however, include a privacy policy and GDRP compliance.


16. Consider Using Video

A short sales video may boost your conversion rates. You can use this video sales letter instead of a text sales page or offer the sales letter alongside the regular sales copy. You’ll need to test it to be sure (more on that in the next tip), but many people find that a short video alongside a limited amount of text seems to work best.

Alternatively, you can use a video as a supplement to show your audience something. I gave a good example of this before, such as using a video as proof that a dog-training product works.

And finally…


17. Test and Track Your Page

As mentioned at the top of this guide, your lead page is significant, as it has a huge impact on the success of your affiliate business. That’s why it’s worth getting it right – and the only way to know for sure what’s REALLY working is to test and track your lead page.

You don’t need to track and test every little thing. Instead, focus on the parts that will have the biggest impact on your conversion rates, including:

 The lead magnet you’re offering.
 The title of the lead magnet.
 The headline on your lead page.
 The bulleted benefit list.
 The call to action.
 The overall design of your page.

Use an a/b split testing tool to run your tests, test just one variable at a time, and be sure not to stop the tests prematurely. That way, you can be confident in the results you receive.



Improving your lead page is an important part of your affiliate business. If your sales funnel collapses at this point, then you’re going to struggle with sales. Following up with your prospects is one of the big keys to boosting your conversions and sales, so be sure to use these tips to improve your lead page because that’s where it all begins!


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