Grandma's Hairy Bush & Veg

A wise old woman once said to me…

“It's one of the most important life skills you can ever learn.”

Now you might be thinking it's about investments or financial instruments.

Maybe it was learning about how to manage time and or deal with failure.

Perhaps it was life and business lessons about how to communicate and become an effective salesperson.


It was vegetable gardening lessons from my grandma.


This was years ago and I was just a young teenager so I just nodded and smiled at whatever she said.

Besides…when old people spoke back then, you had to listen.

She would go on and on about how to plant the seeds in good soil, space them out, set the right depth, how much water, and of course the creepy one…

Talk to them.

Now I loved grandma as much as the next grandkid, but I refuse to speak to my plants.

Now that I think about it, I speak to my damn phone all the time.

Anyways…you get my point.

And you know what?

Grandma was all about keeping things simple.


On one hand, I get it.

I can't really imagine what it was like to live through hard war times, where growing your own food was almost a necessity.

But fast forward to today and Jeff Bezos is testing how to airdrop food to your doorstep with a drone.

It's not like there's a food shortage where I live.

Man… grandma would be either really confused or really impressed.

Moving on…

Since ‘operation lockdown', I started planting my own herb garden.

Not because I'm a crazy nut job that thinks the world economy is going to collapse…

And I have to start hoarding food.

I did it because it was something different.

Besides, it gives me a break from sitting in front of a computer all day long.

Sometimes it helps to get outside and…

Get your hands dirty and do something analog.

We've become so accustomed to barking orders at Siri or Alexa that we miss opportunities to go back to the old times…

Maybe grandma was onto something?

Anyways, as I tend to my crops (planter baskets)…

I hear grandma's shaky voice in my head…

  • “Make sure you start with good, rich soil.”
  • “Make sure you check on the plants every day.”
  • “Make sure you water regularly.” 

And as it does regularly…

My brain wanders about and comes back to thinking about business.

I started to think about the many businesses that I interact with and buy from…

And about how most of them do a pathetic job of following up.


Here's the thing…

If you want to know a ridiculously easy way to nurture the relationship between you and your prospects or customers…

One that can separate you from your competition…

It's what grandma was trying to tell me all along.

It's in the good ole fashioned follow-up.

The next time you get the urge to jump on the next social media train…

Slap yourself, look in the mirror, and…

Tell yourself to follow up with your current prospects and customers.

Good follow-up and relationship nurturing is probably the single biggest business multiplier you have access to.

It's the lowest of the low-hanging vegetables.

How many books, online courses, videos have you seen about people obsessing about how to drive new leads and customers into their campaigns?

Go ahead…count.

They're constantly shouting about how to make those STRANGERS buy before giving any thought to following up with the people who already know them.

If you REALLY want to simplify things down, which is the whole point of this post…

You should focus on doing these 5 follow-up things, really well.


Listen up…

1. Don't be boring. This is the big crime that most businesses are guilty of.

You want people to look forward to your emails, messages, ebooks, etc.

Entertain people with your personality and have fun!

2. Live in their bubble. Talk about topics that are important to them and relate them back to them with examples.

3. Have an opinion.  Let them know how you really feel and people see why you are the right fit for them.

4. Mail frequently. Email your list more often. If you can run social media ads and be in people's feeds routinely, then so should your emails.

5. Always lead people. Be their guide. They're already looking to you for advice, be the example, and show them the next steps in the conversion process.

And just like grandma used to say…

Keep it simple.

Follow-up is not more complicated than that.

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Grandma will love you too.