Why Upgrade Your Information products

Why Upgrade Your Information Products

Have you ever loved a car salesman?

Ok…loved, is a strong word.

But did you ever actually enjoy dealing with a car company or salesmen?

If you're like me…probably not.

You see…it's easy to hate on car salesmen.

I mean of all the different possible sales jobs, they get crapped on the most…

Those and telemarketers.

I'm sure you've all had “experiences” with a fast talking, greasy salesman.

They're pushy, in-your-face types who would say anything to get you to sign on the dotted line..

Nothing is too low or underhanded for them.

Now lucky for us…car shopping apps and a quick Google search can level the playing field.

But this email isn't about my negative car buying experiences.

It's about good marketing you can copy today.

Here's the shocker…car makers are masters of a 3 letter word.



Yes, a simple 3-letter word.

Everything…I mean everything car companies offer, is always “new” and improved.

Check this out…

Let's say my neighbor drives a 2020 Nissan GTR.


Sure it's fast and some might even say it's good looking (I said some…)

That scream of the engine and the pull of that 500+ horsepower is like music to car guys.

Now let's say I leave the wife at home…

And go car shopping and buy a “New” 2021 Nissan GTR.

There it is…

That magical identifier.


But get this…

There was a 2019 GTR…and a 2018…and a 2017 GTR…

And so on and so on.

Either year, the Nissan GTR for the most part…

Is almost the same with only slight upgrades.

I'm sure some car guy will jump all over me and remind me that they changed this or that but work with me…

So even if they change the shape of the lights or update the infotainment unit…

Here's the thing…

Every car manufacturer uses the model year for every car they offer.

With the Nissan GTR example…

We could go all the way back to 2009 to the first release of the modern GTR

And you know what?

You'd find only a few adjustments every year until we reach today's “new” model.

Why do they do this?

Because they don't want you buying the “old” model.

And you and I know there's nothing wrong with it.

But they want you to buy the “new” and “improved” edition.

It's a proven psychological tactic at work.

Everyone wants the “NEW” version….

Don't they?

Now for some items (not the GTR)…

It gives companies an opportunity to run rebates and discounts to clear the lot of the old models.

Bargain hunters flock to get the old version specials.

But car enthusiasts can hardly wait for the new version…

Just look at Apple…

They've mastered this.

They launch a new iPhone model and there are lines around the block.


This happens no matter how small the upgrade is.

Take a stroll down your nearest grocery store aisle.

Count how many products say “new” or “improved” on them.

Let's look at software...

Most come in upgrade numbers such as 2.0 or Version 11.

Now here's the thing…  

You can do this with your information products.

Don't just label it the 2021 edition.

It's the “New” 2021 one.

Customers will always flock to what's new.

So try updating your information products with a new version.

And don't be shy of letting everyone know the new model is coming.

Use your emails to build excitement about the improvements, no matter how minor they may be.

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