What Is The Number 1 Of Content

What Is The Number 1 Of Content In The World Right Now?


Can you guess?

Of course, it’s the video!

Not all video is created equal, though.

Most video hosting companies are basic and standard compared to what you need to stand out in the marketplace today.

With Vidello, you have super-fast video hosting and super engaging conversion features to ensure you get the most out of every viewer.


What Is The Number 1 Of ContentThis has been a struggle for me forever! 

Whenever I have a long video sales letter or webinar replay, I have to set the buy button to appear on my pages after a set amount of seconds.

Then the button pops up after the page loads, but not from when the video is played.

Even worse, if someone speeds up my video and watches to the end, the button may not have even appeared at all, let alone at the exact right time!

This solves everything!

Introducing the Buy Button App in Vidello.

With this new feature, you can send viewers direct to checkout from inside the video itself!

That means that the button pops up INSIDE the video at the EXACT right moment!

Your video is meant to make your sales, and now it can by adding this nifty little app! (Yes, I just said nifty!)

You can directly add a buy now button with the link to checkout to send viewers straight to checkout – Brilliant!

Unlock this feature now 



Imagine being able to capture leads directly from inside yourWhat Is The Number 1 Of Content videos! 

Well, imagine no more because, with Vidello, that is exactly what you can do.

With Vidello’s new integrated lead capture system, you can integrate lead capture into your video frames without them having to leave the video at all.

This means you can capture and segment leads directly from each video and have a custom email sequence depending on which videos they watched, which they didn’t watch, and even how much of each video they watched!

Crazy right?

It doesn’t get much more personalized than that!

Don’t just let your visitors leave after watching your video…

Add email capture forms and start building your email list to remarket to them; add them into follow-up sequences with your favorite marketing automation platforms.

The possibilities are endless.


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell online.

Unfortunately, over the past few years, click-through rates have dropped.

Fortunately, Vidello can help!

In just a few clicks, you can turn your video into a gif player that plays directly inside your emails!

You can then add a URL to the gif to increase click-throughs in your email broadcasts!

How cool is that?

Vidello has such a huge array of features to increase conversions, capture leads, and generate more sales.

It truly is the best in class when it comes to video.

Don’t just take our word for it.


What Is The Number 1 Of Content_Vidello.pngA/B or not A/B that is the question…


If it’s one thing you should always be doing as a business owner, it’s tracking, testing, and tweaking.

A/B split testing is an integral part of improvement.

However, Video split testing has been very hard as the video hosting companies didn’t have the functionality.

You would need to duplicate the pages, change the videos, and set up split testing inside your website or funnel software.

What a drag!

That is, until now…

With Vidello, you can easily set split tests up inside their intuitive dashboard and track the stats right there in the app.

No duplicating, no messy setup, click, save, done!
Stop burning money on sub-par setups and increase your bottom line today with these new split testing features.

Vidello Software

The viral effect

Have you ever seen a super cool video and wanted to share it with all your friends?

It happens all the time, right?

How about when you can’t find an easy way to share that video?

It isn’t enjoyable.

But imagine how bad it is for the creator.

Some of the best, most share-worthy videos ever created never got seen because the creators didn’t make it easy to share.

With Vidello, you won’t have that problem because they give you a dedicated sharing app.

Allowing you to connect with your viewer's friends & contacts with one-click

Allow your viewers to share your video with their friends and contacts on social media, turning viewers into your own marketing partners in just a single click.

Don’t just take our word for it.


What Is The Number 1 Of ContentMobile Videos?


How often do you view videos on your desktop computer nowadays?

If you’re anything like 62% of the entire population, you watch most of your content on a mobile phone.

And that stat is rising every year.

Before long, more than 90% of traffic is expected to be mobile.

So don’t you think it’s important that your content and especially videos are mobile optimized?

Thankfully, Vidello have you covered.

The Vidello player & marketing apps work seamlessly on all devices.

With over 57% of ALL  traffic being viewed on mobile, you can generate new leads & sales with our powerful marketing apps directly inside your videos!
Start taking your video marketing to the next level with Vidello.




Who has time to wait?What Is The Number 1 Of Content


Who has time to wait nowadays?

If your videos aren’t lightning-fast and ready to play the instant the page loads…

Chances are you will lose the customer.

No one wants that!

Vidello video player has been optimized, and speed tested to ensure that your videos load as fast as possible.

That way, you can be sure to maximize each visitor to your site.
The lightning-fast loading coupled with the sleek design will ensure that each video viewer stays engaged for as long as possible.

Don’t just take our word for it.


Traffic avalanche


What is the biggest source of traffic online?

Google, by far!

In fact, search engine traffic drives more than 50% of ALL online traffic today!

Crazy right?

So you would be crazy not to do everything you can to get a piece of that giant Google pie!

Video automatically injects JSON meta-data into your embed code to include title, description & tags to optimize your videos for the search engines.

In layman's terms, it basically means that Vidello videos are far superior to other video hosting which don’t SEO optimize your videos.

Automatically optimize your videos for Bing and Google today and start tapping into the biggest online traffic source.



What Is The Number 1 Of ContentHere’s what you’re saying no to


Okay, here it is.

This is the last time I will tell you about Vidello and its features to help you make more sales.

Here are just a few features you are saying no to…

  • image description
  • video personalization
  • image description
  • a/b video split-testing
  • image description
  • custom cta’s
  • image description email capture forms
  • image description
  • eCommerce sales app
  • image description lower third animations
  • image description
  • auto SEO Optimization image description
  • social share
  • advanced analytics
  • coupon cta’s
  • image description
  • Interactive polls
  • email gif creator

See the full feature list here… 

You would be crazy not to take advantage of the special they have going on right now.

Now you know what is the number 1 of content in the world and what software to create it with.

What Is The Number 1 Of Content

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