Security vs Freedom

Are you an Security or an Freedom kind of person? Security vs Freedom


When it comes to money, there are only two reasons behind what we choose as the way we generate income.

Remember yesterday I told you about pain and pleasure?

Well, deep down it's the same two drivers that guide us when it comes to money:

Security vs Freedom

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Normally, people who value security tend to choose to work the same job for very long and they feel happy as long as they can provide a secure future for their families.

While people who value freedom more tend to do whatever it takes to own their time, choosing to start their own businesses, freelance or work from home.

And that worked perfectly fine, because people who valued security used to get taken care of by the government and the corporations they worked for.

In the past, you could just work the same job until you retired, and while you would have probably lived an unfulfilled life (unless you truly loved your job), chances were low that you would go through hardship.

It used to be true that having a college degree guaranteed you would have a good job for life. And it used to be true that social security and pensions were enough to cover your expenses after you retired.

But that is NOT TRUE anymore. The old paradigm isn’t dying…IT HAS ALREADY DIED.

I already gave you some scary actual stats to prove this point on yesterday’s article, but you don’t need any of them to realize what’s going on.

Just look around…

How many people you know can’t retire because they couldn’t make ends meet? How many have been laid off and are struggling to find a job? How many college graduates do you know that aren’t getting a dime out of their expensive college degree?

Things have CHANGED.

And people who value security MUST wake up to the fact that there is no longer any security in society’s laid out path.

So whether you value security over freedom or freedom over security, it is no longer a choice. To have either of them you MUST create additional sources of income for yourself.

The good news is that it has never been easier to do so and in today’s day and age. The internet has opened an incredible amount of possibilities.

And this may just be the vehicle you need.