NO ONE wants to buy your stupid products

I'm a little salty today (as the kids would say) so I'm going to be a little blunt.

That means it would be best if you put on your big boy/lady pants.

Now then…

If you've studied sales techniques you've probably heard the old saying a few times…

“No one cares about the drill, they just want a hole”.

I've probably butchered that as there's many variations but you get the point. 

As an example, the other day I was working on a project to rebuild a small staircase and door in my garage.

Stupid me, half way through I managed to break the hinge on the door I took off.

For some reason which I can't figure out…

It's always easier to take stuff off than to put it back on.

Anyways…with the door just swinging back and forth without a hinge, I was off to the hardware store for a new one.

As I was browsing up and down the aisles, fantasizing about the power tools, I overheard a contractor talking on his phone.


I wasn't eavesdropping, but…

The guy was one of “those” people that have their bluetooth earpiece in as they walk around a public place and yell at the other person as if they're in the eye of a tornado. 

From the sounds of it, the guy was speaking to the home owner and taking orders.

That's when it hit me… 

People don't BUY products.

Just like a contractor, they “hire” them (products), to get “stuff” done.

Now when it comes to your business…

Understanding the “job” your customer is “hiring” your product for,

is the first step in creating a compelling offer that people WANT to buy.

Because if you can understand what the customers are picturing as the result, then helping them get a result becomes easier.

So think about this if you haven't already…

  • “Why are people ACTUALLY buying my products? 
  • “What is it they are trying to accomplish through this purchase?”

Once you really wrestle with these questions, I'm guessing the answers will cause you to jump out of your seat and scream out at the sky.


Do you understand what this means?

Because your product may be getting “hired” for a completely different reason than you first imagined.

Now I have to say…

When I first started in business I never realized these things.

By calling this out, my hope is that as you and your business grows and ages, you'll realize these shifts.

Now here's where it gets interesting…

Because if you were to listen to the copywriting guru of the week on your social media feed…

They would have you believe that one or all of the following are the major movers in terms of conversion and sales.

Things like:

  • Your headline
  • Your offer
  • Your guarantee
  • Or even the quality of your list.

Sure, these all play a hefty role… 

But THE single most powerful force is something else.

Again, just like the drill, it's not obvious at first.

Stay with me for a second and let's keep using the drill…

As marketers, we want to use our advertising to try and “drive” our ideal prospect or customer towards a decision.


But just like when I was drilling into the wall…we often don't know what's behind the wall.

Just like we don't always know what's going on behind the scenes of our prospects and customers.

And it's this pressure that is your prospect's internal motivation.

That's the real reason behind their decision.

Just think about the last time YOU were motivated to buy a product or to get something DONE.

Maybe it was a big thing like buying a new car or even a smaller one like buying a new coat or a new phone.

The most important (and impactful) purchasing decisions often don't come with a marketer enforced deadline or persuasion.

A person's internal sense of motivation will overcome even the weakest marketing message.

Your job is to discover that and then focus your marketing on these motivations as your prospect sees them.

This is important because, this will cause your prospects to see your offer and instantly say:

“This is what I've been looking for”.

Now when it comes to your next big project, if you're looking for even more amazing templates, designs and content for your ebooks, then you should probably drill into Sqribble  

It will drive your ebook design, automated content, lead generation, sales and profits.



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