Guarantee - The Last Line Of Defense

Guarantee – This Is The Last Line Of Defense.

This is the thing that can do battle against the resistance.


It's possibly one of the most powerful things you can do to increase your response rate.

And it's because our prospects are scared of making a bad decision.

And if you're not doing this, your prospects are probably wondering if you're another online scammer or charlatan that's trying to rip their wallet from their pockets.

It's a powerful guarantee, and it's a key opportunity for increasing your sales and profits.

The challenge you might have thought of is believing in your products or your affiliate's products.

You see, this is what usually happens…

You get scared to use a truly powerful and risk-reversing guarantee because you're worried you'll get ripped off.

Here's the kicker…

There's always going to be some idiot that “takes advantage” of a guarantee.

The good news is that they usually only represent a tiny fraction of the buyers.

So don't let that stop you from having a guarantee.

Don't do it.


You want to create a situation where your prospects feel comfortable and secure with you and your brand.

Imagine for a second…

Your prospect is reading through your site or sales page and maybe they're even on the edge of order, just about to click the BUY button.

But there's that little, tiny, whiny voice in their head that says…

“It sounds like another IM scam, let's get outta here”

And then they click away to another tab or app.

But what if you had a powerful guarantee like this…

Remember, you have absolutely no risk when you order today. You can even try the ACME X 1000 for the full XX days (30, 60, 90, 120, etc). If you haven't seen XXX, XXX changes in your life, then simply return the ACME X 1000 for a full refund. No hassles, no lost time spent on the phone, no headaches, and we can still be friends”

And so on.

You can see by stating the guarantee like this, the prospect can now confidently make the purchase and holds no risk.

As you know, you want to appeal to a prospect's logic and most importantly, their emotional side during your “pitch”.

And when it comes to the guarantee “section”…

That's where, if presented properly, you can tackle that logic and put them at ease.

When the prospect reads the guarantee, the little voice says…

“Ok this doesn't seem so bad, and there's no chance I can get conned, let's do it.”
Think about this for a second…

Let's say you go out and come back with a “purchase”.

Or how about, as we're all buying something from Amazon every other day and getting a package at the door…and then your partner questions you and asks you to “justify” this recent purchase.

At this point, I would hope you would have your logical argument prepared, AKA, your guarantee that the thing you just bought was for the betterment of the house or will make the kids into productive members of society.

If you position your guarantee the right way, address the key resistance points or arguments, it will improve your credibility and increase your chances of a positive response.

Another way to look at this is if you were a brick-and-mortar shop.

What if a customer decided to bring the product back (within a reasonable time)?

Wouldn't you give them a refund?

So why not do the same online?

By you, taking on the risk (ok the sale), you're exponentially increasing the chances of you making the sale.

And that's because many of our prospects have so many choices, and the ability to almost instantly compare whatever product or service they're considering.

And if you're concerned about people taking advantage of the guarantee…

The increase in response rate will more than pay for itself, so I wouldn't worry about it… there are bigger chips to fry.


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